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Are you bewildered?

Jan 26, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Are you bewildered by your problems? Does your mind betray you sometimes, and are not sure why? This bewilderment is an important reason to work with me in a 90 day transformation. Once we learn how to make sense of our: thoughts, feelings, impulses, fears, attitudes, and motives…we are free to lovingly manage ourselves, and take control of our lives. This transition of power is the ultimate gift of self-love in self-care, and a transformational experience. Unconscious fear and guilt run our lives in many unsuspected ways, until the day we draw a line in the sand proclaiming “no more”.

When we work together the promise of how to reclaim your days and nights soon becomes very real. Take a chance to change your life, and start a 90 Day Transformation with me today.

Kellie J. Wright ~
Transformation Guide at
Internal Journeys

Dear Inner Circle,

This week’s Vlog Check-IN is up at the Facebook Page, for Internal Narcissus. All check in’s will now post through a video blog there every Sunday. Right now I cannot upload them to this website, for the files are too large. A second site called Internal Journeys is under creation, for the transformation work that I guide in 90 day transformations, or by appointment. IN website will move at the same time. This will alleviate all problems and create an easier platform for me to manage myself. I am sorry, for the inconvenience of having to leave to find and follow the journey, and will keep in the knowing that you do.

Less steps was a big lesson over the last week, and I am taking it to heart. Not shrieking from responsibilities. Rather being more exact and intentional with my time and my now. Every second is so precious in life, and am refusing to waste anymore. This means precision is high on my list of morning and evening affirmations.

Gratefully I learn quickly when paying attention, and these are the words I hear “Less is the nourishment that will build the bloom.” No more holding on…oh no, instead I am doing the complete opposite by jumping IN ~ while saying, Yes!

The theme of the this last week’s work came to me upon waking this morning.

“We can choose to be whoever we want, and we do.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

I am enjoying this transformation…and making a choice to choose who I am going to be very carefully while growing and sharing out loud with you over the next couple months. If you follow me on my journey, you will watch a woman who is about to claim her fullest potential in her now.

Love, Kellie J. Wright
Internal Narcissus at Heart

β€œDon’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Ghandi

Dear Inner Circle,

Trying to sort out how to Check-In, for the 90 day transformation journey, and all that keeps coming is ~ stay the course. A blog and vlog Check-IN on Sundays. Splash Check-In’s when moved by spirit and breathe, too. No scripting, or editing as usual, using what I have in-flow moments when conscious speaks through my lips, pen, or fingers as often does.

I will be honest with you and say that I listened more than three times trying to not do this transformation. Wanting to take more time to find my bearings, but the stars aligned in far too many ways, for this star child to deny, so am being held to the higher plan picked before coming.

Most prophetically upon waking one morning early December, so desperately wanting to connect. In full surrender, turned over, face in pillow, finally making a personal cry to spirit. I wanted to meet someone exactly like me, but who is different.

Ask and you shall receive, for 5Β° of separation happened me upon a video about creativity by the amazing and awesomely inspiring, Jason Silva. His work was just the spiritual defibrillator needed.

This 2016 ending year wore me out, and was way beyond reach of my normal grasp. Shell shocked to a brand new person that is still the same, too, was having a hard time on my reality settings. I could not find my center. This was divine intervention for a heart that needed a jumpstart.

Lately these days have me most defiantly back to life, and back to reality. Of course still going slow. My dream is being reassembled…and I am taking special care of anything that I commit to, and or share time with. I am a Turtle now, slow is my now, and for me that is still mildly fast. LOL I am not sure how long this will be or how it all works, so I hang on.

Life is singing to me, but I am still practicing my back up vocals. Understanding that the darkness is no more, and all is balanced and new, but I am still nubile.

This brings me to the second cry to the universe. Again, I rarely do this and this is now twice over 40 days. See I know the universe listens and will give us what we seek. Not saying this is a bad thing or good thing, just that this is a real thing, so tend to be reluctant, or maybe precise is a better word. πŸ˜‰

OK, back to the second cry. I was driving to work on Wednesday, after the snow, and it was beyond beautiful in Eatonville. My heart felt it would break for the love of the world streaming through, and all the mean and pain going on. On top of it another 90 day transformation was coming. I had been trying to practice meditation and was making no progress. Unclear on how to proceed in the work vowed to undertake, too…tears came.

Sliding down my checks I loved on Mother Earth, loved on Creator, and for all of their enduring uncomprehensible beauty. More tears saddened, for those who did not see they have a choice to change their life and have the love they are. Praying for answers on how to help, knowing it is all in the plan, then praying for Donald Trump, and for humanity, too…

This one moment was too much beauty and pain, and expressed in my heart of hearts that I could not do this without help. A fourth level meditation, third eye and crown chakra work to create a practice so intimate and innate that one can use at command.

No, too overwhelming this was going to be a dedication like no other. I was ready to give up, or felt it with no idea how to bridge the distance. I needed creator, so I called on Archangel Sandalaphon because he delivers messages directly to God faster than the speed of light.

Guess what, God heard, and my prayers were answered with an email just two days later, and my Spiritual Enlightenment Code was renewed. We really do create our reality and everything is connected, but it is divine timing and total surrender in the purest sincerity that turns the next key.

A world renowned enlightenment coach from India, is my guide now. Thankful, for yesterday in the works done, for was able to clear the block that kept me from connecting and frustrating me in meditation practice. Oh my goodness, God is so good, and people are breathtaking.

Meditation is my next truth, to build a daily practice that is sacred and holy. The space needed to find the Voice of Silence within. And so it is.

When we learn to love ourselves, for who we truly are and work hard to make changes to the person we became along the way and do not want to be anymore…we truly allow room for others to do same. It all starts within…we do not have to harbor anything we do not want, and our life is our greatest gift to behold.

Finally, at the end of my meditation this morning a thought came right through me. Everything happens in threes! Oh! Eyes shot wide open. At some point I will fall to my knees and cry out in a prayer that will be answered again before the end of this journey.

Openly I accept this, but of course have no idea of how, what, when, where, or why the happening will occur. Only God knows what will cause this fall. No matter, for I will walk with him down to the fire and jump in again to burn then rise into the air while earning the next pardon of grace, so to cross the sweetest cool stream that will take me to that first next step up a long awaited mountain.

Stay with me on my journey, yours too, for we are all one.

Always, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

Dear Inner Circle,

January 13, 2017

My IN 4th 90 day spiritual transformation begins. This one to find the Voice of Silence within. Just when I thought that I was on my own, as have always been, a master arrived. They say when the student is ready…and this was undeniably confirmed for me today.

Upon waking there is an email for me that was the coolest drink of water ever sipped. My prayers to God, answered from just two days ago. Surrendered in disbelief of how to achieve my intentions, but God heard. Humble and full of gratitude, is me, all day today.

Finally like a child: open, eager, and ready to discern. πŸ™πŸ» This Journey has been guided by myself being a 100% spirit-led. Following signs, intuition and faith in love and God, but this is the first person to ever guide me. AND still have to go it alone (smiling).

After a long work week and day of peace that this really happened, decided to breathe my joy IN and out with everyone. What a gift from creator in the form of he and universe this morning culminating in divine timing.

Life is impeccable, intrinsic, gold, and we are the couriers. So, please remember that when you love life, it will Love you back, so ~ love harder! I am love-loving all of you!

Kellie J. Wright
Internal Narcissus

About last night…

Jan 12, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

My new blog, Understand, went our with quite a few typos. A proper love-over happened, and can be found on the Internal Narcissus website homepage. I blame it on the lengthy meditation with the moon before I sat down to process and send (smiling). Please accept my apology, for the hard first read.

On that note tomorrow is the first day of my 4th 90 day transformation. A video blog (vlog) is on the Internal Narcissus Facebook Page explaining how this all came about.

Love, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus


Jan 11, 2017


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“Just because someone does not understand you does not mean they do not like you.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

Life is a lot of things ~ all going on at once in the middle of a lot of doing. Doing that has to be done just to be here, so please be kinder to one another. Each of us is in the midst of “being” one of the hardest, most beautiful, powerful positions ever granted. The position of being human.

If in the middle of being human things start to feel personal ~ please stand up, or sit down. This will help to change perspective. You can also try to get in front of your reaction. If you are late slow down. Hold and open doors for others. Give up a seat, pay it forward at the coffee bar. Unimaginably these are the baby stepping stones paving the way to opening up your heart, and growing is doing that will light the pathways intended to assist each other along our ways.

Understandably it is easy to take something personal if you do not realize that you have a choice not too, but you do, you most certainly do … it is called freewill.

Once noticing that you can participate to make a difference in someones life and yours the things you want will seem closer, so do not deny a calling to be yourself. Dare to be stronger and to not take things personal, give people a break when you are not sane and heal yourself by learning your ways. Tending yourself first instead of taking another on will always bring a brighter and more probable outcome.

Beauty comes from the desire and application to change your bad habits and reactions to life and all its happening. Giving yourself a chance and others to have a bad day, and not make it about you is delightfully transcendent and grounding experience. Some people are still working on trying to get to the point of being able to notice their reactions, and others cannot, so we must be the change we want to see in the world.

If we all work together to stop the insanity causing mental wars and heart stand off’s and stills our personal worlds will become a better place to stay day after day. We cannot change the world, but we can change ours and it all starts inside. Make a promise to create a life worth having and sharing with others, and you will see more of it. Your mind and body, are in your charge, and not the other way around, or can be…as soon as charge it taken back.

In the end if someone does not understand what you say to them or does not respond or give you the reaction that you seek. I am begging please try to understand or remember that we are all very precious and we all have families and people who cherish us, and it is not our right to be cruel, shame, or take that away: including yours.

Internal Narcissus believes that sometimes we cannot hear each other at all. Even as close as the same bed, but it does not mean that we do not care ~ simply that we are broken somewhere inside that we do not know yet, so I pray, for all to learn how to not take things personally and remember we are love. Each heart is love and hearts are souls that want to heal, so they can be free, please let go, and let God.

Love, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

Dear Inner Circle,

The letter below is from a recent double graduate of the Internal Narcissus 90 Day Spiritual Transformation Course:

I’ve known you, Kellie, for nearly seven years now. Our lifes’ journeys and paths crossed only briefly but we have always stayed informed as to the road each other was on. It was only this past year that you came into my life through a divine calling as it were, because there is no other way to describe it.

I was at a point in my life where I was not only ready to draw a line in the sand but was also prepared and poised to take the next steps. I was, as I needed to be, like a small child, trusting not only the guidance of another but beginning to trust myself as well. I think I had taken myself from the vulnerable place of trusting others, out of sheer will to survive, around age 4 and had not returned since. Trusting myself was something I had never fully developed though fully believed for a long time that I was the only person I could trust. I thank God and I thank Spirit for bringing me to the place and to the person, to you, to begin my journey of walking out of the darkness. I was ready for a guide and you were ready for a client.

In 2016, you guided me through 2 (two) – 90 day transformations. The first I have entitled awakening and the second I have entitled conscious awareness. The reason being that we have to wake up before we can truly BE in reality. I want to say I’m a new person because that’s how I feel but the truth is that I am finally being me- the me that I was put on this earth to be. I am living an abundant, purpose filled life with eyes that see and a heart that feels and am filled with so much love and joy- I never thought it was possible.

My dream when I finished my Masters degree in Organizational leadership, and the focus of my thesis, was to create a legacy of authentic leadership for my children to follow. I now see there is a road beyond that for them, and for all of us; to fulfill the possibilities and realize the full potential of being light and love in the world.

You really helped me to open my eyes to see what I had been unwilling to acknowledge in myself and others. You helped me to be still and quiet and learn to rely on my own intuition, spiritual wisdom and understanding. You constantly redirected me to love and acceptance. You taught me to develop for myself new and healthy ways to cope and relate with others. You helped me to figure out what my truth was and to speak my truth. Mostly, you helped me to find and love myself deeply.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage all who feel called to be a better version of themselves- to take the first step in living an authentic life and transform your INner you.

~ Misty

I am eternally grateful, for the privilege of working with, guiding, and growing with this amazing woman and friend.

Always, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

New Year’s Day 2017

Jan 1, 2017


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“We want to grow in the direct experience of our own deepest reality, the home of all creativity. What is latent in the seed of our life must grow into the fully blossomed tree so that we live everything that we are meant to live.” ~ Paul Muller-Ortega

I Grew-IN, and now it is time to Grow-UP. That is what I know right now. I do not know what that means for me yet, and I am not sure what the words “grow up” affect in you when read, but I am attaching nothing to it yet. Maybe it will be a growing out….not sure, still open for the truth to settle, and I am dreadfully tired again…

It took four years to get this far, to be this clear, to remember who I am and be in real time, all the time. I wanted to take what I learned and go quietly about my life. I did the impossible by balancing my happy and sad, my light and dark, danced with the good and bad to create this awesome happy now. Oh, but there is more, and I feel it coming like the sharp pain in my forehead right now. Assignments have been accepted even through only rough drafts.

All I know is that I am home and I am safe. I cried my eyes out last night processing still more things I had not even thought about regarding bad food choices and bad intake choices over my life. All because I made bad food choices, all day, yesterday. They left me ill and straight into a mass purging of pain and sorrow through crying in the shower curled up like a baby. I was in pain. Emotional and body, repeating that I am so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry ~ almost wailing, for the years of taking my biological temple for granted.

A deep internal clearing of shame was needed before leaving this nine cycle ending year. Ready to clean house yet again for 2017. A beginning year that I never knew was coming is here and it is time to root in and build the practice only dreamed and pieced together for so long. Nothing can hurt me, I will not hurt, I am awake and I am home.

All of the beautiful things dreamed of coming into alignment though hard work and daily directed intentions. My practice now is strong, so powerful, and although it is a little scary to imagine being more connected, clear, and sure: I hold on, to my mind, my body, and my soul that are my best and truest friends and caretakers of the ability to co-creaate the world we live in together as one. So much to input this year, and so much further to connect, but not right yet.

A changing of the guards is underway and there are quite a few things almost ready to share with each of you, Dear Inner Circle friends, but truth is first. Truth clears room inside for the goodness we seek to find a place to bloom again and again. This journey is most definitely back on, up, out, or whatever it will become. I need only be still. Silence is the next step, Stillness too in the building of a very deep meditation practice. It is the first assignment on the list…And so it is.

Love, Kellie J

These quotes came to mind this morning, so am sharing.

“May your love on the inside always match your love within.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

“I can do nothing for you but work on myself. You can do nothing for me but work on yourself. ~ Ram Dass

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Happy New Year Beautiful Babies! It is going to be something else, for sure.

Ah the beauty of now…I have been up all morning off and on (at the regular times 2AM 3AM 3:30AM 4AM) dictating into my iPhone…so many things coming, and I am so excited for 2017. This year is a year dedicated to guiding others on their path, and staying on mine while building my personal practice. Working with others surely facilitates the later, but I will share the next steps in a New Year’s Day Blog tomorrow.

IN Flash: Take a 90 Day Transformation with me as your ~ personal mirror holder for $650.00 today. I promised this price for my first year of working with clients and it changes to $900.00 tomorrow. First class of 2017 is ready for you! I have three slots available (the forth is taken and is a personal pay it forward gift from spirit. Message me today to secure and take the first step IN yours.

Internal Narcissus is about learning to love yourself, and I mean all of you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. No one knows you like you, no one can reach you like you, and your life is your gift to behold. ~ Kellie J. Wright

Attaching another testimonial below. I was this wonderful persons personal mirror-holder, confidant, and accountability guide. I adapt the course to each students own style IN life….this is the first transformation that went past the mark….we took our time, so as to not miss a step, and it was exactly what it was suppose to be.

Love, Kellie J. Wright ~ Author and IN Guide

Testimony from Transformation Client No 5:

Hi Kellie! I’ve decided to write positive ways you’ve taught me to let go what is holding me back, or rather what is no longer serving me: To acknowledge my self-worth (can’t return to ignorance). To respect the value of my life. To be my authentic self, and realize that is good enough (even great!). To cultivate my tribe :), recognizing that I am myself a friend, to myself. Find my people and a few precious activities, and love them fiercely. Make sure I say no to what is not instinctively right for me, but also conversely to say ‘yes’ to what will (or might!) bring me joy. Practice being mindful and enjoying and looking/feeling right now presently. Stop comparing myself unfavorably to other cooler people (well, stop comparing myself at all!). Use myself as my own standard and realize I am worthy. Love and forgive; both old (perceived) slights, and as an automatic response going forward. It is so much more fun to love than it is to judge or worry over or wonder about. Just KNOW that I am who I am supposed to be, and where and when I am supposed to be. Have high self-worth, and love myself too!

This is personal work, so give clients the option to remain anonymous. πŸ™‚ I am so proud of this woman and the work we did together. God is so good when we let him! #transformation #selflove #newyear #whatdoyouwant #justdoit #mentalhealth #shinebrightin You!


Dec 27, 2016


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I so want to fly, and patience is what I know, I promised a year of inwardness….4 more days to go. ~ Kellie J. Wright

OK, so I have been downloading, connecting dots, bouncing with my thoughts and totally excited in the midst of all this flow…breaching deep layers of intention seeking, for first air is orgasmic after being face down in your reasoning, so long. No way out, but through….yes, patience…something I am good at.

Searching is always rewarded with further access gained. Hitching rides to inner galactic pathways that connect space and now. If you are curious as to what I am, or do…I seek, am a seeker ~ whose number one mission is find and process any thoughts, feelings, actions or reactions that surface in mind and body, to bring balance. These mirrors shatter perceptions unimaginable and free truths.

We talk about this during a 2nd 90 day transformation jouney. That any problem we have with or feel towards anything: person, place, or thing ~ is a mirror for intended personal growth. A direct problem with perception real or imagined in self. We become docent to our internal petting zoo of agreements taken or given that hold self caged from the gift of freedom and peace. Which I believe is to gain the illusive and coveted mastery in self.

Exactly what I mean when I talk about walking a masters path of enlightenment. To me it means to be balanced in negative and positive emotions, living the four agreements as a personal truth, and finding our way back home.

I believe that I know next steps for 2017, for they have come up more than a few times in the last couple weeks, yet I am still listening further to make sure before posting in a video blog on January 1, 2017! I love the little bird in the attached photo, she looks as free on her feet as she does in her mind that is about to take off and fly!

Love, Kellie J. Wright ~ Author and Spiritual Guide at IN