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Conscious Speaks

Aug 1, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

What is on my mind: I am writing. Oh, and this feels good. Much greatness in many blocks self imposed being taken apart. I am the light in the darkness calling me home. Open, open, open, for we have only just begun, yet again. ~ Stay with me on my journey, yours too, for we are all one.

Invitation: I am asking for your help and support to take “Conscious Speaks” right to where it is going. We are stronger together and it is time for all of the villages to gather. Leaders it is time for us to join forces as conduits and connectors to open the gateways of love to flow freely through the divine intercostal freeways of life.

I am choosing podcast for it can be world wild (LOL meant worldwide, but I am sticking with both now). And so it is.

I am booking guests and getting ready to open this portal to all of the goodness of self love that is free of false self.

A movement that has been around since the beginning of time. My first two guests:

1. Mr. Richard Cassaro, Researcher, mystic, student of occult archaeology, author of WRITTEN IN STONE and THE MISSING LINK; and

2. Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., he is a nagual (shaman), a Toltec master of transformation, and a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage. He is author of The Five Levels of Attachment, Living a Life of Awareness, and The Mastery of Self.

They will share personal stories and enlighten us with the topics of their lives works.

All for you to ponder then come to your own conclusions.


Kellie J. Wright

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Jul 31, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Everything is perfect. I have everything I need. I lack nothing in this life. My air is clean, my mind is solid, my heart is open. My animals are well cared for and some of the most loving little entities. My view is priceless, and all of this is not even close to being real if, not for the last four plus years of dedication to free myself from old blocks, triggers, fears, and excessive use of coping mechanisms.

I took myself for a long walk backwards in mind. Awed at the grandness of a life scape of fantasy, mirth, and oddity. Amazed that what we have done and did, let alone built and survived. Skimmed and traversed, broke and repaired. Even the wildest parts of a life imagined cannot rally that of the places we did go.

I marveled at the joy and daringness my false self embodied. I laugh at her audacity and mediocrity and manipulative ways. Her nonchalance and emboldened being that was fastening to her fearless heart because she was afraid and never taught better.

This false self that I was and never quit. No matter what it looks like. A life that no one would want. Yet, I always knew we were one, dancing around the permitter of us, sizing up the edges because we knew it was all lessons to learn before we found the door.

I made sure we were always were where we were. With eyes wide open to just be and see all the experiences we had hand walked ourselves too.

Knowing the life then was ours, if only for a time, and that the second part of my life was promised to be the best.

Treasuring the memories one by one while putting their vanities and fears to rest in their not knowing.

Besting the best of me to find the truth of this heart.

Internal Narcissus believe hearts are souls.

Awakenings our gifts to a finer truth. Ones that are still taking their time to take up residence inside this upgraded model of mind and body. Life is the grandest illusion of all, and it is the initiation.

Please do not ever forget that We are the players of our parts.

Our writers whether we know it or not.

We tell and spin stories that become our world every day, and every night. Oh my, what powers we wield. The script of our life a colamity of joint efforts until reclaimed for the grandest love-over of all.

It is our choice. It is a practice. It is not easy, but who ever said life was. It can be peaceful though, and I know this, for I won.

I live in the now. However it is.

Advice: Be patient and amiable to your beauty in real time. Never ever let anyone else define your inner sanctum by believing another’s truth over yours. I walked a long time truly thinking that I was doing just that, but have learned through truthful examination it was only partially so.

I am glad I was wrong. And am never sad that when I tore down others false attachments to self, that I grew up. It is still weird to think that I stunted ego.

We did not know better, before I did, and now we are learning together to love everything about us ~ all the time.

You can too, just believe.


Kellie J. Wright

My Why

Jul 30, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Waking up to your truest potential is one of the gifts of a 90 day transformation.

Finding peace of mind through finally being able to pick out and stick to your truest of commitments is another gift of a 90 day transformation.

Knowing that anytime you feel down there is a way through, and have tools gained to combat dark moods and moody days are other gifts earned in a 90 day transformation.

Learning to see past yourself, so to love yourself free of judgement and emotional triggers are two of the finest gifts given that lead to the grandest gift of all…

…learning how to love unconditionally, yourself and others, for it is a circle.

A treasure chest of forever gifts that wash free first veils of perception and become magic in the touch of your fingertips.

Blessed are our fingertips that touch and sense the world within and without. For once we can bring focus back to real time by bringing our awareness to our hands, then soft fingertips and what they are touching, in that very second, we can bring ourselves back into our bodies when our minds have taken us away.

I have changed habits, weeded out root problems of old coping mechanisms, and relearned new ways of thinking to replace old that kept me stuck.

Stuck in past feelings connected to persons, places, and things that were trapped in memories that were no longer real, or illusions that had become fictional movies in mind.

Believe me, not wanting them anymore was not good enough. I had tried not wanting them in may ways, for way too long over my life. No, real work was to be done, and sought out to be this change.

With faith I dove in to make sense of “why” they would not go. Waging an internal war on any negative thoughts or feelings. Bringing each one into the light to be had, held, and processed until loved all the way through.

Thus freeing myself to be present in my life where my body lives, and not floating around its outer edges of space when I was not busy, or being so busy that I did not have time for anything close, personal, or real.

Big sigh…we all grow up differently and have different ways that we learn to communicate and be in the world. These very different happenings can become concrete mixed rules and regulations of self.

Rules imposed from our youth in a body and mind that was trying to grow up way too fast, let alone find itself in a crazy, unpredictable, and sometimes untrustworthy world.

Mark my words this is how we create a lot of our first agreements. Ones that end up becoming deals and deal breakers, and are used for no other reason than we are used to them, and it is the way we have always been.

Agreements as old as the day they were put in place. Ones that we may not remember implementing, and once we do, want ride of, and thankfully.

This creates room to keep the new lessons learned, so we can process and make sense of our lives and our “why’s” in our each today. Liberated and aware that we can delete old operating systems to make way for upgrades that are simply long overdue.

Internal Narcissus believe that if our internal hardware is pulling information stored from our youth, and we are card carrying adults…

…then what we are seeking is seeking us.

The you in real time that is reading this blog right now, and wants to be one with your life in a way that makes sense to you now.

Not one using outdated fear based, shame laden, false self, self bullying, and or, flabbergasting, pretentious old first versions.

Let us face it, we all know better, so now it is just how do we bridge the distance.

Like this: Think of your brain as a computer, and a transformation as a way to clean and restore old hardware that you did not know you have, or may have even loved at one point, but is not working for you anymore.

First we have to make room inside of us. Gratefully though because the bright and beautiful life that we are is not outside of us, so we cannot bring it in. No we have to make room for what we already are by clearing out old informations.

Then we can be one with our adult truths. The ones that are actually sitting right behind first set of blocked awarenesses. The “what is seeking you”.

I would like to show you that you already have what you need to free your heart, and it is you. Whether you pick one thing, or a mass of them. The work is solely yours. You know the way, for you are your greatest book of self help, love, and awareness. What is missing is guidance.

Think Jedi training…:)

It is how I did it, and believe that you carry the same gifts to heal yourself as well.

Who better to restore and rebuild our own first versions of self than, well, ourself?

Sometimes it only takes one person to change your life, and I believe it is you.

No one knows you like you, and your life is your gift to behold.

Now my “why” is assisting others to do what I have done. Guiding fellow seekers to find their internal bliss, so to bloom brighter in their todays and be soul-free and present in all of their moments.


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide at Internal Journeys and Voice at Internal Narcissus

Breaking Open

Jul 29, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

I was compelled to go to hot yoga yesterday. Kept trying to tell myself I would go later, but it would not leave me alone, so changed a morning commitment when it was clear this was not an option, rather a directive from my heart.

I followed. Chose to dedicate my practice to what came to mind first and that was “Breaking Open”. In Shavasana my message was received. It was exactly that. A breaking open in another veil of self.

My message recorded into my phone was long. This is my directive and it hit home. I came to awaken people (this part is known to me) and it is more than just a gift or talent per say. More than a choice to be who I came to be everyday. They are agreements made with many before I came.

This clarification of sight and knowing was and is shaking. For my belief is that we all come here to assist each other in and along our personal journeys; to learn and grow through certain instances and happenings in life that further us along our spiritual path.

Being awakened to my gift and honoring my calling has been the biggest joy of my life, and a comfort in such that I can become very still. Knowing now that I have commitments to keep in agreements made to people I love from a place that I can barely remember changes everything.

This awakening took me to other places today. I’m still sitting with it. I had to share it. Because it changes everything, and I have to be more accountable and available to my ‘who I came to be’. That is all I know for now.

Love, Kellie J. Wright

This meme stands out as a cheerleader and reminder to me that we are all a part of something greater than ourselves. That people are all doing the best they can at each and every moment.

Life is and can be hard, and once we learn to loosen veils. Stop blaming and shaming others when things do not go our way, and to take personal responsibility for our inner peace. That we can change perspectives.

Free our minds from foreign negatives. Be the change we want to see in the world. Dismantling the dark thoughts that do not belong where we cannot see them and still run our very worlds everyday.

This is how we will all learn to be love, an unconditional natural phenomena that is being held captive by fear.


Jul 14, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Thank you to all of my new friends, and to the old ones too. I have been working away today. Trying to bridge out of my shell to connect more, so to make friends with like minded people. My life over the last four-plus years has been a spiritual transformation lived and grown out loud through blogs, radio podcasts, video blogs, and ebook ~ so to inspire others that they, may too, do this work and are not alone.

It is on my heart to say this:

To each of you, fighting the good fight ~ that you are brave and fiercely beautiful. Your pain is not in vain and that you will find the right doorways to balance love and fear releasing the sacred turnkey to life.

If you are reading this you know the way, but that does not mean that the walk is easy. Although having heard the call and even still then answered proves you are a light to others to get up and try again everyday…especially to yourself.
Remember that We are all the same just at different starting points along the eternal path.

This means that no matter where you are in this process that you are sacred, you are admired, and most of all loved. Bringing to light that it is now time to, please, honor these gifts of love. Never giving up on yourself or others in this long and winding road called life, for we are all worthy of having and sharing a life filled with joy.

My wish for you is to love your dark shadows as much as your questing for their light. Give yourself so much room to fall down and then rise back up again. Love these parts of you so much that you cannot help but to start denying fear and pride anytime lightning strikes.

Choosing to wake up to the reality of yourself and your life is not easy, for you will fight the false self, ego, fear, and pride. They are beatable though no matter how frightening.
Terrifying even until you make the first and hardest first step which is to commit to the start.

So yes, it is down right terrifying at times, and you can feel alone and alienated from your life and the people you love most, but you are right where you should be, or you would not be where you are.
Yes, we can only be where we are as we hand-walk ourself to every happening in our lives.

Being extremely strong both mentally and physically gave me no less pain than anyone else on this journey, and I have been shook to the very farthest recesses of my mind, but each time the further surrendered the easier it became to pass through and start really guiding the hunt for that next walking papers to gates of unfathomable clarity.

The pain passes as it turns to laughter and joy. Yes, we have to laugh at ourselves too, and the sooner we can the more quickly lights seem to change.
There is joy in choosing to awaken the parts of us buried in our minds eye causing us to connect to our lives in ways unimaginable before.

When we focus on the love and light that we are darkness cannot enter. Rail against the intruder. Dwell in the possibility of your one rare and amazingly beautiful life.


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide at Internal Journeys and Voice at Internal Narcissus Radio Show Host at Conscious Speaks

Follow Your Heart

Jul 1, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Internal Journeys was created after four years of personal transformation work that I lived and grew out loud in hopes to inspire others. To pave the way for all to find a truer way to connect to their hearts, minds, and emotions, so to produce transformative outcomes.

Ones with more flow and less stress. The work discovered and processed one day at a time through personal blogs, radio podcasts, videos, and ebook have become the products used to help sow and culitvate a new way to free self from the thoughts that plague the mind and that keep us making the same decisions over and over again.

They have now become services to empower peoples lives. A place where we work together to bring out the past to make peace with the old. Transformation work opens doors for people to find their way through personal blocks in life. To look at the qualities that make up our lives and decide which ones we want to keep, and, or change.

All of these works results in the ability to uplift ones personal, social, and professional lives, so to find deep inner peace.

Moving from mind based thinking to heart based being is a journey and gift of compassion for the people who choose to do the work, and for those they love. Lifting our inner beauty to transform our core values and create new internal contracts that align with our life in this very now.

In the end opening up new avenues of self love and care that allows us to make daily decisions to create the life we choose.

Come join me on the journey of a lifetime. The journey to find your truest inner voice and then find the courage to speak it by trusting yourself more than you ever knew you could before because you followed your heart.


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide
Internal Journeys
Internal Narcissus


Jun 19, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

When I did my first 90 day transformation it was an invitation via a guest on my radio show. Asking me to make a commitment to achieve a dream to put my twelve blogs that walked my mind out of darkness into print.

I agreed then decided that I needed to do something spiritual too. I mean it is a Spiritual Radio Show about learning to love ourselves, so we can love others. In my heart something deeper needed to happen than just editing and finishing the book.

In meditation was given an answer that would change my life forever. Blessedly it is a commitment that is continuing to build a stronger world every day as I walk in the path to not only be it, but know it as intimately as I am.

The answer was to become balanced in mind, body, and soul to find true love. Happily, and after much defining and heart wrenching work I found out that my happily ever after is God, and my relationship with self through spirit.

The journey and life I have chosen is a renunciatory path that works with householder paths. Oddly enough it makes sense, and for many reasons. Found this out not all at once, but as it became what it is by the choices and commitments made over the past four plus years. I enjoy spending all of my time in spiritual studies, and deep thinking to find ways to beat the human mind.

In this passion I have been granted the mission of my life, and that is to serve others. To assist those who wish to find their inner strengths, truths, and voices, so they can determine their own self worth and speak their truths without fear, and attachments.

This truth is my truth-north, and why all the walls were torn down.

Freeing myself from too many masks, coping mechanisms, and veils that are now tools to maneuver through old patterns and happenings if, and when lighting strikes.

Glory is having these understandings and knowing is the difference between what is real and what is not. Being these tools, too, for in this acceptance at our deepest core level ~ we become what we believe.

Eventually we rebuild the agreements with self which allows us to be the master guide to our lives. Then we start to move through the day to day occurrences with prowess, confidence, and ease of knowing that we matter.

Ask yourself…if you could change one thing in your life what would it be? Is it something deep and personal, changing a habit(s), a change of career, to accomplish a long put off dream, or is it learning to trust and love again?

What would you work on first? I have worked on all of these things while living and growing out loud in four 90 day transformations and still am while guiding others.

So, if you have been following along, or are new to the Internal Narcissus, Internal Journey. Please know that you are not alone, and if you should accept this invitation to take wherever you are in your journey to the next level that you have my promise to be with you heart and soul, every step of the way.

All you have to do is say, Yes! 💫


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide
Internal Narcissus
Internal Journeys

PS Some big changes have happened in my life…all hand-walked, and have been walking and working towards them for a very long time. Much to share IN a very personal blog coming very soon. ~ “Keep shining bright beauties, you are the light that creates your whole world.”

A Client Testimony

Jun 18, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

A past students thoughts on graduating an IN 90 Spiritual Transformation:

As I graduate from this process, I have learned, ever so slowly, that my thoughtfulness will continue to serve me, but instead of my thoughts being based in fear and pain, I can shift my focus to love, hope, and possibility. I have been stuck in my old expectations which no longer serve me, if they ever did.

“It is an internal contract of intention through transcendence, changing views and perceptions starting with the re-staging of all the rooms in one’s mind”.

“The light in pain guides us to and through our wounds into a new morning into a new dawn.”

“The light of love is the mother of all time and her essence is a strength we burn as fuel.”

“We must learn how to walk on the tight wire of longing and hope with a heart that is both open and closed, in a mind that wishes to stay but has to go with feet that have to get up and walk instead of stand still.”

“We cannot grow without thought and movement.”

“We can tear down old shrines that no longer fit because they are tied to old feelings and expectations that do not exist any more.”

The quotes that were just read are some that she connected to from the last blogs in the transformation course.

As we start her second 90 day transformation tomorrow I am honored and humbled to once again be her guide, and ever more sure of my calling in this life.

The IN 90 Day Transformation process gives our personal power back, so to then change anything that does not resonate with what we want in our lives anymore. The trust and freedom to know we can release ourselves from old expectations and pains that no longer serve us, but are keeping us trapped in circling is everything.

Once upon a time I was a woman-child lost in the patterns I had wove myself into. Everyday reinforcing and creating a life that was locked in by boundaries of unknown reasons. Knowing that I found a way out and that others have too using my process and me as a guide is what keeps my heart humbled, centered, and full of the deepest desire to be of service to others who wish to know as well.


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide
Interanal Narcissus
Internal Journeys

Mountaineering School

Jun 6, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Splash Check-IN:

Yesterday was a great day on the mountain. It started out a little rough because I had a little asthma related allergy attack from a mishap with tomatoes the night before (I am mildly allergic). No worries though, for I dug deep to work through.

I was on the mountain with nine RMI clients in Ashford, WA that were there for a four day summit climb of Mt. Rainier. Work gifted me a day of Mountaineering School, so I was added to their team. We worked for seven hours with two very amazing RMI guides, Dave Hahn and Nikki Champion.

We learned many ways to step, walk, and move during and in different conditions. Most importantly in a team of nine that are roped. We learned self arrest, and how to descend properly too. There was a lot of practice and it was hard and fun.

This time I did not escape unscathed, so came home with a sun burn from mid-nose down to my chin, but am well.

Was shown through speaking with my movement and strength coach today that I am getting ahead of myself, so was warned to slow down so as to not miss a step.

Wise words that I have heard uttered many times before…so, Camille, I will slow down and work on my core and posture first ~ then add weight to my backpack slowly. So to not become so worn out on Tuesday from my Monday mountain trainings that I miss another gym day with you.

Life is beautiful and this girl is getting stronger everyday. The photo in this blog is a shot from our lunch break on Mt. Rainier yesterday. I love it up on the mountain in the snow more than anything right now. It takes my mind away, and focus becomes instinctual. It is so quiet and expansive. It makes me feel relieved, small, and big all at the same time.

Words cannot explain how long it took me to get here or how much it means, but I am keeping my eye on the horizon and heart two feet in the snow with my transpersonal chakra more than now ever.

“Work smart is what I hear, you can do it all too, but must use and refill your energy wisely throughout the day.”

Listen to your coach.

Ask questions when you are not sure, speak up when you are hurt, and one step by step you will reach the top of the mountain “with the mountain” not against it.

Yes, I am listening further, and ready to start another week tomorrow in this journey with nine more weeks till my summit climb the end of July, but who is counting!

Love life and it will love you back, love yourself, and you have the keys to the kingdom.

Kellie J. Wright

Transformation Guide
Internal Narcissus
Internal Journeys

Good Steward

Jun 2, 2017


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Dear Inner circle,

Driving home from work yesterday, and these words came to me “Be a good steward of your life” ~ it is the single most important gift you can leave your family, friends, loved ones, and humanity. Do not worry about what will happen after you are gone from this life, for that is inconsequential after you are no longer here.

What is more important is the hand-off. Pass a baton that is full of long pondered awakening thoughts ~ share uniquely aquired informations. A life passed through with no regrets, and having made peace with your demons. This bristles to life your journey’s gifts and opens a super highway of positive information energy flow that will brim over with loving residues.

Live long and prosper is what I hear as a final tagline. Reminding those close to keep the fires lit and momentum surging long after we make it back to visit again. Leaving others to take off where we left over because the works done to bring them up to speed were done instead of leaving them far, far behind.

Most of this came to me driving home, but I did give it a love over first. My recommendation: stay in real-time to tend your heart-truths because the real legacy you leave behind is the wellness of the generations you leave behind.

Together we are stronger and this is how we love behind a legacy that will raise our planetary core vibrations in the right frequencies of light and sound that can free us all.


Kellie J. Wright
Internal Narcissus
Transformation Guide
Internal Journeys