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Twin Flame

Nov 9, 2015


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When you meet your twin flame. You’ll do the hardest work you’ve ever done. Just because they are your twin flame does not mean that you will be together forever though. My truth is that there is no forever ~ everything is just now. What we do to stay in the now dictates together and how long forever may be.

How we talk to one another, how we choose to treat one another, how we chose to listen to one another, and respect our individual stories by not attaching our deepest fears to theirs. It is also in how well we can take care of one another when we do. Knowing how to be able to listen to another’s story without judgement, but instead asking questions to find out how they feel, so as to comfort them. By choosing not to react, but instead ask why am I reacting. Then finally, yes, finally knowing that none of it matters once connected to current moments in the NOW.

My truth is nothing is forever, but love, so in that truth, no matter where we are or what we are doing if we have ever truly connected in real time with another and given all by doing the real work, and have done it with love ~ then there will always be love. Love never dies…

…we can try to bury it, burn it, degrade it, puncture it, deny it, cover over it, or a zillion other things to deny the pain it offers, but once we have connected to another on a soul level, soul mate, or twin flame connection here on Earth that bond will never die.

Internal Narcissus believes that this is what a true-love, twin-flame is ~ It is knowing your compliment in all things; the good, the bad, and the ugly, and still accepting and being a part of that love. Even when you may want to walk away, and always doing the right thing of questioning self by asking the hard questions to find your personal part in any happening. Then vowing to do the inner-healing work no matter what because you have too.

Clearing all fear and rejection to become awake and know that perception and disdain are the final chains baring the doorway that leads to the truth of true-love. Opening a bridging light of clarity to defog the mirrors of our once faithlessness, so that we may finally see each other as the beautiful, imperfect beings that we both are. A love that vows to honestly see the soul behind the flesh everyday. Finally, understanding that nothing is ever personal and that each are doing the very best they can with the only tools that they have. This level of consciousness and rite of passage are a gift from God. To connect in real-time while living and being here on planet Earth, is no joke, and can be had, but it comes at a cost ~ ~ ~ and is, honestly, the hardest and scariest thing that I have ever done that I win then fail at everyday…

Internal Narcissus at Heart ~ Kellie J. Wright

PS I am going to admit that I found my twin flame and I still do not know exactly what that means…I am starting to do some research and will write more on this phenomena as it is given to me, but know that I would not change one thing that we have went through or any of the more than breathtaking moments we have shared because I know as humans we find each other to do this work, for reasons more than I can ever understand, and that this soul-work can only be done with the other here on Earth. All in hopes that maybe, just maybe, together we can break the chains of perception.

Grace II

Oct 27, 2015


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“I found to be a woman full of Grace is to become a woman devoid of ego, pride, and fear.” ~ Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

I swear my lessons get keep getting harder, but that’s because I chose to walk a Masters path a very long time ago ~ one that hand-walked me to my twin flame and mirror of my soul. If I was smart I would have probably known this was going to happen. As it is my true love is the hardest and most beautiful lesson/gift from spirit that I could ever have.

Over the past few days I have seen a lot of posts from brave people sharing their pain that is coming at an accelerated cosmic rate of growing, and my heart is so full of admiration and respect. We cannot grow if we do not own our stuff, and oh my goodness is so hard to be a human trying in the year 2015. This is hard work, and I know that we are all doing the best that we can with the tools that we have. This is where I ask us to all be so kind to one another, for these are tough days, and we also must especially be kind to self, take self care, and slow down, please.

Today is the first day I’ve written anything since last Thursday. The last six days have been unrealistic for me. Really being thrown into the fire of reactions as I try to learn how to remain calm and or the same in the middle of my storms, no matter what is happening. The burning fire of purification meant to cure me to clear old pains and to stay balanced, catching me aflame instead. I admit that I failed more than a few times. Not being able to stay centered, or speak my truth, taking myself away from situations, and trying to control by hiding or deflecting. Relationship work is hard, especially with a twin flame, and I have not been able to stay balanced. I could not find my middle ground through not escalating too high or by sinking too low ~ the ideal is to remain the same as all is the same.

Light is the dark and dark is the light. Love is fear and fear is love. There is no difference when we can stay balanced. Learning to not assign reactions to happenings and being able to stay in love being able to be love. No fear and no revolting instead choosing to turn and face fear defiantly with high beams on. I could not, I tried, ah, but this is hard work.

All is not lost though because I stayed very close to me and observed all, I have too, it is how I do things, working with me even when I have to slow down to a stand still, for I will not lose a battle ever to my mind or more assuredly, never to fear again. I’ve come too far and will never go back. It may take a couple hours or sometimes days to regain the strength when lightning strikes, but the strikes are less frequent, and the time in between the processing becomes shorter.

I learned a long time ago that we are suppose to be in control of our minds not the other way around…but knowing is only the first part of the battle, and I knew this many, many years before I ever was given my divine intervention. I will persevere to resurrect and stand mindless at the end of this soul journey and a woman full of grace.

We are all one,
Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

New Practice

Oct 24, 2015


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Dear Inner Circle

I am laughing and crying inside when I look at this picture, for somehow I always feel like this ~ a baby trying so hard to learn how to do everything right. I make mistakes constantly then fight ferociously to learn the lessons and stay in the now. Constantly working to be present while evolving to become a woman full of grace. One that can glide through the awarenesses that I have fought so valiantly for, so I can evolve to help others. Growing-IN is a practice and a life commitment, and it is the best commitment that I have ever made.

Today I took my first yoga class in over a year. I had a practice of hot yoga 5-6 times a week at one point before my 3 year transformational journey began. I would get a class in here and there when I could, but my dedication was to my mind first and foremost, so I cleared a slate that made room for nothing but self analyzing and deep meditation and dream work, so that I could resurrect in the Gold. That being I was really happy to start my new practice today. ‘Finally feeling it was time to start not that I had too.’ The last sentence is important and a creed of mine, so if you ever work with me on a retreat or on a 90 day transformation, get ready to assimilate those words, for we go to the bare bones of things, strip our lives down to as little movement as possible to allow the divine to connect (more on this later though).

I am in Big Bear Lake. I love it here, and after my first class felt home again. The connection, the poses, the cold (LOL) ~ Yes, I did yoga today and it was cold…I wore leggings that my aunt bought me when we used to power walk in the snow back home when I first started this sacred journey, a tank top, t-shirt, and my boyfriends big loose sweater. ~ Lost the sweater when I finally warmed up, but put it back on for final pose. I remember looking at myself in the mirror thinking I am not the woman I was when I started this Internal Narcissus Project and Journey March 13, 2013.

I felt proud and oddly connected to my real self. As of late I have been in the desert for almost a year with little outside contact beside my few close friends, and love. This is where God led me, and I am so grateful. ~ When I accepted this assignment to follow spirit 100% and never look back, I did just that. I followed signs and intuition and never let anyone else but me and God decide my next steps.

As I looked at myself in the mirror today at the yoga studio in a blank amazement, I felt so much gratitude. We saved my life from myself. God and I, and I am now 45 years young and 100% present (OK, most of the time, come on, we are humans trying and this is life, so we will disconnect at times, but know it is OK, for it is a part of the growing). Remember to find peace in melt downs because they are doors to clarity, let yourself cry even bawl to push the pain through, and do not fight pain by trying to change directions, stay the course because all of these happening are tools to burn though the hurt and pain stored in our bodies. God is so good and our innate ability to listen further to hear our own truth is a burning gift of freedom available to all, we need only ask.

When I left class today I immediately thought of this photo (so went to look for it in an old post) that always tickles me pink! This picture resonates with me on such a deep level. It really just encapsulate me right now. ~ But get this, at the end of class today my instructor gave us a quote “Yoga is not about reaching your toes, its about the journey on the way down.” Ha! I have to agree….the beauty in all is the dedication to keep trying and to never give up no matter what it looks like on the way down, or on the outside.

Comfortably, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

*Oddly enough….when I went to look for the photo and post to re-share on FaceBook, it was dated October 18, 2014 and I was feeling and in the exact same place as I am writing this on October 22, 2015 (Meaning: we must pay attention to our cycles to break patterns).
**This blog was suppose to post on October 22, 2015, but had some technical difficulties. I do have to keep the journey in the proper timeline, so am noting it here.
*** Internal Narcissus resident photography is Jaymz K. Photography except in certain instance when a blog calls for something that is related in such a deep way I have to use it.

Baby Steps

Oct 21, 2015


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“Baby steps, one step at a time to free yourself from fear. Do not be in a rush, take each step methodically and with intention, for it all adds up.”

I promise that we can change the way we feel about ourselves one thought at a time, one step at a time, as long as we still have the fight in us to do so. What is buried can be unburied, so please never give up on you. This is a process of seeking and questioning to the point of exhaustion and isolation. Then we can apply the information we found and compare it to the actual reality that is.

As we learn to challenge our fear, question it, envelope ourselves in it to understand and process its cause, we can and will slowly free ourselves from our blocks and triggers that we have let control us. We will find ways around and through the lightning strikes, so they do not annihilate us when caught off guard.

We can change the way we think about our thoughts and ourselves if we go slow and are honest with self and others. Being honest is the only way through and the first acceptance of this responsibility…if we cannot be honest the next waves of information cannot come. If we are honest we can change the way we react thus freeing ourselves from pain and negative behaviors that keep us from ourselves and from the love and truth that we are.

Become an Internal Narcissus by diving-in to find who you came to here be. Learn to love yourself for who you are, free yourself from fear, ego, and pride that is holding you prisoner.

Learn to love yourself, so you can love others. It’s a circle.

Comfortably, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

Dear Inner-Circle:

Today I start my study and research on Twin Flame. This is my reasoning regarding such subject before I started my Spiritual Transformation and journey 3 years ago:

1. Never heard of them (just soul mates)
2. Heard of them and chose to not believe (did not resonate/too jaded/thought it had just to do with romantic love)
3. During my 1st 90 day spiritual transformation decided and declared live on air (IN Radio) that God is my Twin Flame
4. Then there was him…hand-walked and spirit led to seven doors down from mine

In a post from peer and friend, Daniel Nielsen’s on June 7, 2015 I was alerted to the phenomena in my midst. I knew in my very fiber that I had met my twin and he lived about 7 doors down from me. We had found each other through God’s hand. ~ When I started my 3rd transformation in body which I thought was to finally learn to play guitar and take vocal lessons I never knew the dark roads it would take me down in love and death of pride, self, and ego; immediately thrown into the hardest soul work imaginable with my twin flame, my love, and friend.

This is no joking or romantic love matter ~ this is inner-self work that is a matter of the soul kind, and entirely of another resonance. The most beautiful and degrading soul splitting and disrobing of self you will ever come against. I am now moved to find out more in regard to Twin Flame.

My life has been a series of mystical experiences and side shows that I have kept track of, and most recently since March 13, 2013 ~ through my blogs, radio podcasts, youtube videos, and my book. I follow spirit 100%; one has to be free from fear and ego to follow such a path and the further we go in the more there is….a mass conjunction of heart and space time to the freeing of self that is the most illuminating gift that I have…these gifts manifest as they can, as we can receive them, so this is not a how to thing, it is a ‪#‎howyouthing‬.

Tell me, how will you find your self, learn to love yourself and God first, so you can then free yourself from ego, fear, and pride to find true love and happiness that exist inside of you? **** NO one can give you these things, we already have them, we only need ask to find the keys to unravel the mess in our heads that keep us from our unique eternal truth.

SO —- A quick share I found when I started diving in to Twin Flame today:

It is the same doctrine when Kabalists assert that in the beginning of the world souls were created by God in pairs consisting of a male and female. The twin-soul here is a product of the primary creation; the single soul belongs to the second creation. The doctrine is apparent in the first chapter of Genesis, when Adam was created in the likeness of the Elohim, and was both male and female. Whereas in the second creation (ch ii) man, or Adam, is not a twin soul; he is fashioned singly, and the woman is taken from the body of the man to form a consort for him. ~ Ancient Egypt – The Light of the World – See more at:…

I am going to research and then meditate to download more information on Twin Flame. Follow me on my journey, yours too, for we are all one.

Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

Hearts and Souls

Oct 18, 2015


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Hearts are beautiful souls ~ open yours to come alive. ~ Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

A heart that is kept from loving and being open is starved from it’s essential master plan of existence here on Earth: we are meant to love each other, we are meant to love ourselves, and to love God. Please forgive anyone who got in the way of you and those dreams that we are all given as our birthright including yourself, for if we cannot forgive then we lock ourselves underneath layers of misery that will keep us from the truth in the heart of everything, and there is only one truth…that we are here to be love.

I know as a nation, as a country, as a people that we can rise above the fear and pain that has been inflicted on our mortal hearts to free our souls to open up to the beauty of love that we all come from, our creator, and whom we are a part of and will return one day. We need only seek, we need only call his name, and he will hear and answer: one heart at a time, one personal call, for we cannot do this for another. Each individual human being must save their own heart to free their soul.

What do we have to lose by taking a chance to quest further inside to find the truth and the knowledge buried like a time capsule inside of us that will free our minds? I implore you to take a chance: if you are skeptical, if you are in fear, have given up, are lost in muddled thoughts, if you have forgot or lost your place to please try again. I assure you that each time we will Grow-IN further ~ that we can reach this place inside of us anytime we so wish again and again as soon as we accept that we are the only thing holding us back.

I am a walking testament to the truth and the beauty of never giving up and surrendering completely to God to find your way through into the light of this new day and into your new thoughts and new world that you will co-create with creator and is yours to design.

Internal Narcissus believes there is no greater joy of a human soul than to give and receive love freely. Follow me on my journey, for this will go on until the day I leave here because it is my service for the life and the love and the grace in the beauty and forgiveness that I was given to stand free and tall in my own resonance, so I may have the life worth living and sharing with others that has been my whole quest.

Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

Reach out to me to book a spiritual retreat in the healing waters of Desert Hot Springs,CA where I completed a 3 rd 90 day transformation that brought me full circle in my 3 year journey to heal mind, body, and soul.

Hello Inner Circle,

I am just floating on air today! These thoughts came, so I am going to share:

I promise that if the hard work is done and you truly surrender by asking the hard questions of self: I mean really hard questions…even beat yourself up a little to get to the truth (this means not falling for the tricks of your mind) that you will wake up one day so filled with self love and self worth for your own being and essential place here on Earth that you will be free!

A part of this exponential growth is that you will then start to question it all too; wondering if it is real. I assure you, my friends, that it is. Especially if you have done the work and have given all to tear down old shrines, blocks, and barriers. Yes, your dreams will come true and it will be so amazing and feel like it is all happening at once, so much that it will take a little time to acclimate to this transformation.

So this is where I please ask you to STOP…then take a deep breath and remember you have been working a very long time on these epic leaps of soul work and personal growth leading to everything that you asked for! That they did not appear out of thin air or happen over night. Say to yourself these words:

I deserve all of the things that I have and worked so hard to be. I fought for myself and this new life and worked harder than anything than I have ever worked on before in my whole life, so I am worthy of the gifts that come from it. I worked hard to become the person I am today and sacrificed much to be present in this new state of mind and frequency, so I AM ready to grow in its goodness and keep becoming…

Then Take a minute to give yourself credit for all you are achieving everyday just by being alive and present! Accepting your hard won battles while standing in the flame of truth to burn away the distance being bridged in this new transformation because it is all placement and relative to time, so you and God got this!

I know because I am doing this today. I stared down the demons of fear, pride, and ego to find true love, truth, and clarity in a level of consciousness that does not go backwards. ~ If this is what you are doing too! Do not be afraid and do not go quietly into the night…stand up and know love won and fear lost…then share your new tools and gifts of love with others, for WE are now connected in real time with the divine love of God that we come from. Co-created by our intentions to connect in real time that he brought us through, so, we are deserving! & Remember to Revel in the gifts you fought for while opening your heart to receive all gifts of love.

Comfortably, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

No take backs!;) ~ Life is so good! ~ God is real and a part of us ~ we are not separate! Talk to him, tell him what you want then tell him you are ready for the next level up! #internalnarcissus #transformation #weareallone #yourdeservethetruth #author #blogger #podcast #spiritled #retreats #twinflame #truelove #mentalhealth #werisebyliftingothers #♥


Sep 28, 2015


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“I want to grow old with you.” Photo and Quote By, Jaymz Kennedy


A lot of times in life people run away instead of digging-in. Dig-in, I know it’s hard, for I was a runner most of my life, but once we slow down we will understand who we are and can understand the thoughts of another. It is when we can understand the thoughts of another in a lexicon of love that we can help each other through the sidewinding gates, stony paths, and over hot rocks ~ all the way into the coolest ocean to breathe again free. True love will last and test us, but it will never leave us alone, for it it will find a way through.

I have watched people run from love and watched people dig-in to stay. Never until now have I seen the grace and the beauty in those who hang on to dig-in. Especially when other people are quick to judge because things happen or appear to go wrong and they need us to react in a certain way, so they can feel safe, so that we can make them feel safe. Here is where I dare you to be your own boss, your own judge, and your own spectral guide.

Sometimes we just need to slow down and not move so fast. This world has created many ways for us to escape our feelings and not deal with the pain and lose of love, so if we can, we must be brave and prove otherwise. I ask you these ultimate questions “What do you have to lose by trying? What do you have to lose by digging deeper? What are you loosing by not taking another chance? What if you have everything to gain then wouldn’t it be worth everything to hang on?

If you come this far shouldn’t you dig deeper then ever before and double down ~ go all in? People are worth it, love is worth it, truth and acceptance are worth it. We are beautiful creatures, so plagued with drama and ridicule from ourselves, let alone others ~ is it not time we lift each other up and support people to be who they are not who want them to be? To love each other through it all as we are growing-in. Helping each other shed light on darkness, so love can prevail. Choosing love over fear, no expectations, just illumination…

Internal Narcissus believes when we choose to love someone we choose to love their light and their dark, and all of the moments in-between. Honoring all of their wounds and places of darkness as much as their light and ability to love. These balances will shift and change as we heal each others inner happenings through love, acceptance, caring, and forgiveness. No one said it was easy to find true love, life is not a Disney movie, and it hurts to be a human-trying. Especially one that is trying to heal, but it is through this pain that we bloom to resurrect in the gold.

I found that it is through the deepest surrender of self and disrobing of pride that we can care and love another for who they are without expectation, and forgive ourselves for who we are when we react in that sameness. Remarkably, this is how we become the enlightened beings that we came here to be, there is no other way.

Loving someone means loving them the whole way ‘around’ the moon and back, and we all know their is a dark side to the moon. We are the light and dark of each other and the music in the song that keeps us coming back for more.

Comfortably, Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

Dedicated to Caz Wilding. My Twin Flame, who helps me grow in the deepest darkest most freezing and freeing ways I could ever have know. There are no words to thank you, so I will simply love you, always.


Aug 27, 2015


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Why do you always think what you see is the lesson, or what you feel is the truth? Sometimes these are just the caveats, and or side effects to the real lessons to be learned. This quote was given to me by spirit the other day “Sometimes everything has to happen, for something to happen.”

This is where I ask you to open your mind to expand your horizon, and to not dive into the moments happening so quickly, but rather to stay still ~ maybe even sit right down in the middle of them if you must, but I beg you to please STOP to listen further and ask many questions, for sometimes the first reactions are not the cause or real, they are merely explosions blocking out reason.

Once these blasts calm, fits silence, pouting stops, or mourning subsides the first day of reckoning can bloom and real business can start. Intended lessons can be revealed when we are quite never when we topple over or run by them. ~ I know this is hard and tricky stuff here, for there are many lessons deep within memories muddled between life journeys mixed in different people and places that it can become overwhelming because we are all connected, and because we effect each other from the top of the monarchy down: until this place becomes radical and unsafe.

This is why we have to try to be so careful with each other, for we have the ability to affect everyone that we are in contact with when perceived lightening strikes. When we chose fear over love and react, or, do not react by blocking. Either way we are affecting all we love when we harm ourself by not not growing through intended lessons. These shifts are emotionally charged and armed with our survival mechanisms. They create energies in these moments that derail love and peace, and do damage that is sometimes un-repairable when we take the form of these loose cannons.

Internal Narcissus believes this is why we are drawn to each other though. This is why we find each other too, so we can try to grow and heal with matched frequencies and unlearned lessons carried forward in our soul journeys. The further we have gone in our soul work the more perfect our matches become, but in turn the harder deeper work that is still needed to be done is matched too.

This is why I use dream work to move through soul memories. I dive deeper to find where we left off before once found again in the here and now. This is also why I try to be present and curled up in current time. Reading our stories out loud to each other in the safeness of confidence and trust bestowed upon another. Creating real time chapters in our book of reasoning and knowing. Believing that we are explicitly beautiful on our own, but even more so as a team trusting that everything is happening for a reason.

Oh my goodness this does not mean that we go through these things gracefully all the time, or that we will not stumble and fall with wreath in hand while planning a mass exodus in fear. I assure you whoever you were/are will show up in the middle of learning how to do this thing called life better. It will happen, but if you have done your work then you can start to call it quicker, and stop the insanity sooner.

Learn not to punish yourself or others in the middle of being human. For we will do things that push us and the people we love to our limits, but these limits can become arms of clarity once we learn to love each other like Jesus would, like God does, like Buddha, like Mohamed, like Great Spirit ~ Like a saint would, as Creator does.

It says love thy neighbor, and is says, do unto others as we would do unto ourselves. I pray right now that we can love ourselves, and do unto ourselves, so we can in turn truly love thy neighbors and do unto them as we would do unto our selves. So, this is where I repeat that we cannot love another ever, unless we truly love and accept ourselves. We can go through the actions, and we can do all the things that we believe are loving and look right on paper, but until we can sit in love with someone loving them and being with them in their pain while learning to not run away or react because we have dealt with ours, and understand how to, it is not love, but a version of love that we have sold ourselves on, or accepted a long time ago.

I believe these are the lessons begging to be learned, every-time, when “Sometimes everything has to happen, for something to happen.” It is so we can grow past our minds to find our inner truths and our inner reasonings that are buried deep within the well of our existence. To become conscious of life and all the beauty that she radiates from within us from one heartbeat to the next, one chest to another, one smile to other, one sometimes to the next…

Internal Narcissus at Heart, Kellie J. Wright


Aug 23, 2015


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“The heart has only one designer label, love.” Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

I cannot give you any self-wisdom because each of us is designed differently. It is our gift at birth from, God. We already have all of this knowledge within us, so you do not ‘need’ me or anyone else to set your wings a flight or breathe the air beneath your wings to set sail. There are some of us that were built to assist in this though…

Listen close, for this wisdom resides in the front of your throat and underneath the lungs in your chest. Pure magic called spirit the white light of love that resides inside of the place that we all come from ~ a kiss at birth from God/Creator, but it needs fresh air from here to lift our bodies rhythmic internal cosmic connection to this life.

See, I believe that when we die that we come back again. That we really do not die at all. It is a transmutation from one moment to the next inside of a breath that becomes a body filled with magic, the magic of eternity in the essence of unbridled love. That we use these bodies as actual breathing apparatuses for our souls to come down and participate with each other while here on planet earth. All facilitated, so that we can see, touch, feel, live, love, cry, stretch, grow, fall, ahhhh…as we all go round.

Internal Narcissus believes that life is not an accident that the travesties that happened are not accidents that the joys experienced are not accidents that lessons are chosen to be learned, and that we come in the body that we are to experience these lessons; that we chose our parents and our parents chose theirs to come and learn the lessons that I am that we are here to be.

This is why I beg for each of us to be easier and kinder to one another, to not judge each another’s journey’s, but to be a “soul-oriented” human who finds strength in weaknesses and weakness in strengths: both are chinks in our armor to teach us how to learn and grow through different layers of vision, perception, and understanding while here.

That once we can accept that our lives are predestined from the choices that we made with creator as we accepted them before we came here that immediately we can be in real time. Again, this is why I beg you to learn to love yourself and everything about your life not matter what it looks like on the outside.

This Includes where we are monetarily, financially, spiritually, even when our bodies are broken, bruised, or have been changed in mid-stay or how we were delivered that these are costumes and disguises in the shape of earthly lessons of destiny. I believe that it is important that we do what we came here to do and that is to learn in the bodies, in the people that we are here being at this present moment in time.

Let me qualify that we chose every second who we are and how we react…we exist in the middle of the bodies that hold us here and that we can change the way we feel about ourselves and our lives at any moment. That is once we give ourselves permission to love ourselves first and foremost exactly as we are, making the most of each moment.

Accepting that each person is uniquely beautiful while here on their soul journey, doing their own thing, and is exactly where they are supposed to be. No shame just doing the work, no stigma just living, just doing this thing called life the best that we can. Doing our part by keeping this machine running, the machine of humanity moving forward. The planet is a machine of life that is built of life and is a living breathing entity ~ all moving parts are needed. Never discounting the fact that we are happening, and this is creators world, not ours.

I will admit that I do not know the whole reason why and I will commit again and again to keep questing, trying to dive deeper, meditate more, and listen further to maybe earn the right to hear and share those answers, but until then I implore each of you to love yourself, so you can love others. ~ I do not think we have to have all the answers to be faithful to God and love. In my belief I follow my heart and intuition am spirit led 100%. My number one weapon is that I do not care what it looks like on the outside. I wear my faith and brand of love inside out.

My mind perceives and goes to distances that others do not and probably do not want too, but this is my life journey ~ my choice before I came here, and what I am designed to do. This does not mean that others cannot ~ it only means that we have different lessons to learn this life around. The beauty of this is that we all come from the same place with One designer, God.

This is why clothes do not make the man per se, and that true beauty resonates from within once we connect in real time with creator knowing that we are one and are never alone. That we have nothing to fear and that love is the only way through. We are designed from pure love and this brand is sewn into our internal DNA from birth, one life to another becoming stronger and more beautiful as time goes by.

God’s plan is so much bigger than any of us, and why is a question we can all ponder forever, or, we can do our very best every day to be present and mindful. Commited to be the best person we can be while here on planet earth. Walking a life with passion and love. Caring for one another as each day is gifted to us. Knowing that if we spent the same amount of time lifting each other up as we do trying to conquer, divide, and protect ourselves from each other, both mentally and planetary, that life and the world could at once start shining brighter.

John Lennon said it the best “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” I believe we can all exist inside a world of peace if we create it, but it starts within each one of us. We cannot change persons, places, or things, only ourself, singularly, one thought at a time by choosing love over fear, and doing the next right thing. Thus affecting others by being the change we want to see in the world.

Internal Narcissus at Heart, Kellie J ~