About Internal Narcissus

Kellie J. Wright – the voice and author of the Internal Narcissus

I am an internal narcissus. Loving myself openly, so I can love others truly. People amaze me, I feel their energy when I look at them and expand in their presence. Believing each life is real magic that shines brightly in the venue of its choice vibrating in the hues of its own disposition. Causing our worlds to bleed into each other, measured or not, through juxtaposed strokes of intent, or divine intervention. A blending of spirit and breath creating the Picasso of the grandest illusion of all, life.

I hear our beauty both pure and naught whispered in feelings that race through me with the sole purpose to be understood. Moments of song sent to me through time at lightning speed from places I do not know, but demand to become words expressed and shared.

I write about internal byways of thought, action, and perception that are ours to use. Believing we are a magical phenomenon that can radiate vibrational beauty from knowledge harbored deep within. That once we know we are one with source and are never alone we will have nothing to fear.

Internal Narcissus is a series of mental excavations to define the hidden treasure within.

Kellie J. P.S.My free writing style is a frenzy of thought and feelings that can take over almost anywhere and anytime. Including; while driving my car and light is immediately added or subtracted from clouds or sun, while in deep meditative thought, or in the middle of a conversation with a loved one. I am the conduit, so I do not judge, but I edit and revise obsessively to try to bridge the deep frequencies of thought into everyday structure and sense. Lastly, I.N. is a blog about my life and my interpretation of its happenings and processes in hope to inspire others along the way. I come in peace.

Jaymz Kennedy11150500_10153367263768147_5784158843603009033_n

Jaymz Kennedy is a Seattle Washington based photographer and local musician. His eye for photography is otherworldly. When asked what type of work he shoots, Jaymz shrugs and says I don’t know…then gives a very resounding “everything that has light attached to it.” And there you have it, the trappings of his mind where his inner vision becomes the images he captures that are both haunting and stirring at the same time. Invoking pleasure and pain in a rare twist of light and fate. The works vary from shooting: weddings, landscapes, shadows, people, sports, love, sorrow, darkness, light, animals, buildings, doors, old cars found on personal pilgramages into the soul of his world.

His body of work is otherworldly and provides the perfect platform for Internal Narcissus’s readers to draw out of their senses while keeping their feet planted firmly on the ground. Granting viewers an invitation into forgotten places and moments inside of self and other realities. It is link to where thoughts once known can be found again. I believe it is a fine line between the day-to-day world we live in and the ‘what if’, for this talented young photographer. His darkness portrays his light and “if something catches his eye he will try to give it to the world.”

Internal Narcissus is very proud to feature the works of, Jaymz K Photography and Jaymz Kennedy as our resident photographer.

Jaymz Kennedy Contact Info: jaymzk77@gmail.com (206) 915-7375