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About Internal Journeys

Kellie J. Wright is a 90 Day Transformation Specialist. Who lived and grew out loud four 90 Day Transformation’s in three years. The journey is documented through blogs, radio podcasts, ebook, and video blogs. She pioneered a process to heal inner-child freeing self using 12 lessons downloaded through water work deep meditation.

These lessons she has coined “Walked her mind out of darkness.” Finally free to pursue a life long knowing “to walk a master’s path of enlightenment.” The journey took her to some exciting places as she traveled across country to heal, love, and grow.

Malibu, CA, Desert Hot Springs, CA, Big Bear Lake, CA, Bella Vista, and Bentonville, Arkansas, and almost San Felipe Baja CA before Kellie was called home to settle in her native land ~ the Pacific Northwest. Where she now leads 90 Day Transformation’s and enjoys time spent with her Golden Retriever, two cats, and family.

Believing the truest test in ones’ life is to learn how to find then process old memories, fears, and pains trapping us from our greatest potential’s in life, so we can learn to love ourselves the whole way through, and then love others.

Freeing ourselves to live in real-time is to learn the gift of loving without attachment. Finally seeing that we are all one, and that everything is connected. This is what she calls “soul-free”. Freeing ones mind of self starts in earnest surrender. Learning to finally let go, let go, let go, and let God…every time.