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Oct 3, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

At week five in my fifth 90 day transformation I was given two signs. 1.) Pull back from social media. 2.) Not give precious energies away that which are not returned same. Basically to take myself away from draws that were taking me away from real time truths; depleting precious hours and taking too much of my day away. Leading to a week of perfect examination of my current life and its goals while in the middle of working on Chakra Four Heart.

About a month ago my cousin started giving me her extra magazine copies of Psychology Today. A piece of evidence collected in the October issue a few weeks ago was used to cultivate parts of the experience, for this last week and half’s occurrences. It is called The Four Burner Theory, and was mentioned in brief during the editor’s note, so attached what it gave to what resonated from inside of me. Plus I came across a special connection in The Wheels of Life from my Chakra Studies. Here is how it works and what I came up with:

Part I. The Four Burner Theory is a quadrant theory centered around:

1. Work; 2. Health; 3. Family; and 4. Friends.

To be successful you must turn off one burner, and to be really successful you must extinguish two.

Part II. Working on the Heart Chakra in my Yin Yoga Mediation Series came across a sentence mentioning blocks related to giving energies that are not met and, or, reciprocated.

Bingo! The stars started to align, so decided to give both theories a try.

To my delight agreed that my Work and Health are one large burner. Being that my life’s work is learning to balance love and fear, so to have optimum mental and physical health. Family and Friends became a second big burner because my family are my friends, and my closest friends are my family. I do not have a large social life that has to be managed. This gave me permission to turn off two small burners.

My recipe for me needed some reductions.

Subtracted ingredients:

Distracting apps on my phone. Including Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, News, and Gmail. Decided that these applications should be monitored and checked according. In my world this means a few times a day, and done with specific intention to connect to the adventure not just keep checking all day because my iPhone is recklessly at my side all of the time.

Recklessly because that is what its feels like when something steels your time and attention at random because it is just there, and is honestly giving you nothing in return.

Added ingredients: More time spent in reflection for and with clients, more time to feel the deep inner work sought in current transformation, freed space in my brain to focus and be with nature and my family. More clarity to focus on creating. Yes.

Creating the moments that actually create my life, and that by aligning and balancing love and fear to manifest through participating in the life ~ that which I seek; not the moments circling around as if near, but truly not, because of being stuck in between of the half-awake and half-asleep dream.

No, in this new recipe, many things burning were switched off, and there was no need to extinguish anything, for that work is realized. From slow and steady commitments to change behaviors over the last four plus years in transformation works. ~ Allowing enough room for me to finally connect to the personal heartbeat and most sacred energy, Anahata.

Glowing are the sweetest choices, slowly baking, in the rise of unity in my life that is now…

..such as breath work through the mind body connection of hot yoga, and the forward seeking to become an adept in Chakras mysteries. Co-creating the first Internal Journeys Trekking Retreat in Nepal for October of 2018, diving back into my personal brand of water work meditation dreamwork, creating the new podcast Conscious Speaks, and most importantly building and creating beautiful client relationships in our Internal Narcissus Self Love Community.

Admittedly making changes in real time that need to stick are hard to implement, for we are retiring old ways of thinking and perceiving, and rebooting the matter of our physical bodies. But we can change, if we want to, and the only thing these changes are dependent on is us. I know, for have done the work.

Believing that if we revisit again and again with more strength, love, and willpower that we can tear down old connections and replace them with new. Each time that we try we are stepping forward to rewrite the recipes that make up the mental diets of how we operate in our world.

Eventually free to harvest internal love that implements new solo harmonics that change our biochemical frequencies and attract different aspects to our lives. However radical or slight these revisions are at first, they will fan the flames of our goals and dreams instead of our fears, avoidances, and distractions.

…In the dark there was but one sound ~
the sound of life, the sound of love, the sound of the heart.

Hear it now in your own heart. Its rhythms pumping life and air and breath through every part of you, renewing you;
Bathing you in air, in space, in breath, in life.
Feel it now at the core of you, embrace it with your hands.
Feel it yearning, crying, loving, hoping, healing.
Feel it within you, old as you are, beating since the days from deep in the
womb, feel how long it’s been there…

(Heart Chakra Four: Love, The Wheels of Life, pg 188)

“Feel how long it’s been there” ~ oh how I felt this unstruck part of me.

Internal Narcissus believes hearts are souls, and that we matter. That we create our every moment with the thoughts that what we think, believe, and give our energies too. That once we are balanced in love and fear we can find inner peace.

My advice: take time this week to find your first heartbeat, and give thanks for the gift that is you. Decide to use your life to create all that you desire by loving every ounce of you. Do that by breathing in deeper, exhaling out softer, turning off some burners, and maybe extinguishing a few. Do anything, do something to make you feel the you that is burning in your Anahata.

Sigh lovingly, smile contentedly, and all as if knowing that we are the gift that is our own heart beating, beating, beating. Deeply inside of us, singing to us from a place we barley remember, and know all to well for it is called love, and is the unstruck place we come from.


Kellie J. Wright

Self Love Transformation Guide at Internal Journeys and Internal Narcissus

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