The Art of Your Life Part III of III

Sep 25, 2017


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The Art of Your Life
By Kellie J. Wright

The art of your life is learning how to reopen yourself once you have closed up again. Knowing that as a flower closes each night and opens again each morning ~ that you too, have this same power to embrace the light of a brand new day. Light, the food and secret elixir of a souls delight. Once we learn how to binge on this goodness concealed in our hearts instruments, and grace of each new mornings dew and first draw of awakened intentions ~ we will have learned what it is to be soul free, for hearts are souls.

“Hearts are beautiful souls ~ open yours to come alive.”

A heart that is kept from loving and being open is starved from its essential master plan of existence here on Earth. To love each other, to love ourselves, and to love, God. It is the path of inner peace that we can walk freely upon once we have learned forgiveness.

Relaxing into a ride that we bought a ticket for to an invested and intended journey of exploration. So, please forgive anyone who barred the way to you and your dreams that are all a part of our birthright. This includes you, for if we cannot forgive then we lock ourselves underneath layers of misery that will keep us from the truth in the heart of everything, and there is only one truth; that we are here to be love.

I know as a nation, as a country, as a people that we can rise above the fear and pain that has been inflicted on our mortal hearts. Freeing our souls to open up to the beauty of love that we all come from; our creator, and whom we are a part of and will return to one day.

It is written throughout history that we need only seek, we need only call his name, and this call shall not go unanswered.

One thought at a time we can change the way we feel about ourselves. This is an inside job, though, and has one rule. Each individual human being must save their own heart to free their soul, we cannot export the job, nor do it for anyone else. The caves of our heart must be entered alone.

There is so much to gain, and what do we have to lose by taking a chance to quest further inside to find the truth and the knowledge buried like a time capsule inside of us that will free our minds? Nay, I say a lot, and this is why we must learn to see that there is only one designer brand.

“The heart has only one designer label “LOVE”.

I cannot give you any self-wisdom because each of us is designed differently. It is our gift at birth. A body blessed with a soul. Gifted with this knowledge buried within each of us, so we do not “need” anyone else to set our wings a flight or to breathe the air beneath our wings to set sail. There are some of us that were built to assist in these matters though…

Listen close, for this wisdom resides in the front of your throat and underneath the lungs in your chest. Pure magic called spirit. Holy ~ the white light of love that resides inside of the place that we all come from. A kiss at birth from Creator that needs fresh air from here to lift our bodies rhythmic internal cosmic connection to bridge a life on planet Earth.

We need motion. Yes, we are bodies in motion and we must use these bodies. They are breathing apparatuses for our souls to come down and participate with each other for a while when we create a life worth living and sharing with others here on Mother Earth.

A grand facilitation, so that we can see, touch, feel, live, love, cry, stretch, grow, fall, and ahhhh at everything as we all go round.

Believing that life is not an accident and that the travesties that happen are not accidents either. Even that the joys experienced are not accidents rather lessons chosen to be experience and learned. A master plan, that we come to be in the body that we are in on purpose to experience these lessons, chose our parents, and that our parents chose theirs too.

All so to come and be the lesson I am, that we are, all here to be. Be easier and kinder to one another, be-gin not to judge one another, while respecting individual journeys being danced away, to, and toward one another.

Mostly be-ing a “soul-oriented” human who finds strength in weaknesses and weakness in strengths. Both are chinks in our personal armors meant to guide us to learn and grow through different layers of vision, perception, and understanding while participating in real time up close and personal with each other.

That once we can accept that our lives are predestined from the choices that we made with creator, as we accepted them before we came to be them, that then we can immediately be in real time.

Connected is the common thread. That we are alive on Mother Earth to learn how to love her, father, ourselves, each other, and everything about our lives no matter what they look like on the outside or feel like on the inside.

With no stigmas: including where we are monetarily, financially, spiritually, or even when our bodies are broken, bruised, or have been changed in mid-stay, and or how we were delivered. That these are only costumes and disguises we don in the shape of earthly lessons for guided trips of destiny.

I believe that it is important that we do what we came here to do, and that is to learn in these bodies, in the people that we are here being in this present moment in time.

Let me qualify that we choose every second who we are and how we react…we exist in the middle of the bodies that hold us here, and that we can change the way we feel about ourselves and our lives at any moment.

That is once we give ourselves permission to love ourselves first and foremost exactly as we are making the most of each moment. Creating our real time life is participating in the greatest creation of all ~ the masterpiece of self, and knowing of others.

Accepting that each person is uniquely beautiful while here on their soul journey, doing their own thing, and is exactly where they are supposed to be. No shame just doing the work, no judgment, just living, just doing this thing called life the best that we can.

Doing our part by keeping the machine running; the machine of humanity moving forward. The planet is a global gondola of life that is a living breathing entity ~ all moving parts are needed. Never discounting the fact that we are happening, and this is Creator’s world, not ours. This is his dream and we are participants.

I will admit that I do not know the whole reason why, but trying to understand and do better at this gift of art that is life, and that each of us are living is wonder enough to keep me questing.

Keep diving deeper, trying to meditate longer, and learn to develop the skills to listen further then maybe earn the right to hear and share those answers someday, but until then accepting and loving self are the best way to participate in this show.

A golden ticket to the most beautiful exhibit imagined. I will not overthink it, for we do not have to have all the answers to be faithful, and therefore to love. It is my belief that if we heal our human minds to free our hearts that all of the great misnomers become sweet daily rituals. My number one weapon is that I do not care what it looks like on the outside. I wear my faith and brand of love inside out.

Convinced that once we can train our minds to notice perception is a foe and that thoughts are tricky places ~ then we can go the distance daily; the distance of goodness. The beauty of this is that we all come from the same place with one designer, God.

This is why clothes do not make the man per se, and that true beauty resonates from within; once we connect in real time with creator knowing that we are one and are never alone. That we have nothing to fear and that love is the only way through. That we are designed from pure love and this brand is sewn into our internal and cosmic DNA from birth. One life to another becoming stronger and more beautiful as generations expand forward together.

God’s plan is so much bigger than any of us, and why is a question we can all ponder forever, or, we can do our very best every day to be present and mindful of our art. Commit to be the best person we can be while here on planet earth while making very good and interesting art.

Walking a life with passion and love that creates wonderful art. Caring for one another as each day is gifted to us budding artists. Knowing that if we spent the same amount of time lifting each other up as we do trying to conquer, divide, and protect ourselves from each other, both mentally and planetary, that life and the world could at once start shining brighter…

Becoming the most amazing art.

John Lennon said it the best “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” I believe we can all exist inside a world of peace, if, we create it, but it starts within each one of us. We all need to know our art is beautiful wherever it is, for what it is, and how it is. Remembering that we cannot change other people’s art, only our own.

Singularly one thought at a time by choosing love over fear, and doing the next right thing. Growing through each painful lesson thus affecting others by being the art we want to see in the world outside and within.

“May Your Love on The Inside Always Match Your Love Within”

To be balanced in love and fear is to find love from within. To find our perfect key to life is giving neither love, nor, fear more attention. Instead just the perfect amount of homage to both the Yin and Yang.

Causing our authentic self to bubble forth with a life altering potion of Love-ness. Yes, I said love-ness, for fun. Insisting we need to paint new words to play with life. Have fun with our dictionaries of self and directions.

This silliness is needed to snap around false mirrors, so we can remember that although self-work is hard work that is can also be fun work. It is a treat to find knowledge that allows us to be who we came to be in real time.

This is ~ soul free.

Soul-free manifests once we believe in our truth and accept that we only exist in the now. Having a choice in that we do not have to accept any thought as negative or positive. In this we do not have to accept others opinions of us as truths, or untruths, and that we can decline our own thoughts as well.

Learning to speak our truth by finding all of the untruths that are no longer needed, or were once given and then assumed. Clearing agreements that were never ours to begin with is called liberation. Empowering is the disarming of an arsenal of weapons acquired through time to protect the self that are only blocking our connection to self, others, and humanity.

Brilliantly, we have the power to deprogram our fear and its qualifying language, too.

Instantly realizing that to be impeccable with our word means having NONE. No thoughts, no thinking, just being. This truth means honoring all beauty and all life, not just what we choose or whom we choose to have in our life, for a moment or moments, but to honor all life as our own always.

Learning to love another means we have learned to accept, honor, trust, and love ourselves. Exacting a quality of allowing others to change their mind with no attachment. Living a life of doing unto others as we would do unto ourselves. Facilitated by manifesting a daily prayer to love and accept ourselves for who we are in each very minute.

“Be your one ~ then and only can you love another.”

Do your inner soul work: make a deep and longing declaration to yourself to free your life from anything that is holding you back from the light that you know and believe is your truth.

Question all you believe, dive deeper, disrobe mentally. Step into the light. Step into your dark. You do not have to, but happiness is where we find strength. So…where are you looking, for your happiness?

What do you feed your vulnerabilities? Which dictionary do you grab to create your mental diet? What pallet are you using the paint the right thoughts and gain the results in life that you desire?

I dare you to climb over the top of your assumptions to look at the patterns of your circumference then promise to resist the urge to circle. To listen to the backdrop of your mind, look for variances in your voice, your heart, your wallet, your food, your outlets, your inlets, your words…yes ~ listen to your words to disdain what distant corners that may be calling to you.

Is there someone inside of you just begging to be heard, a part of you pressing its nose against the glass held mute behind your eyes? If so, please stop to center yourself then ask this one amazing question, and mean it.

“Am I the one holding me back?”

Then wait, and quietly ask again, and again, each time a little softer than the last. Do you feel something there, something a little bit deeper than: your menu, your wallet, your choice of television shows, repetitive music, or anything else that is holding you captive?

Do you feel something that is asking you to breach out of your reality?

Do you feel it? Maybe you can, or cannot make it out, but do you know it? Maybe you are afraid to speak the words to anyone because your fear is that you will actually break apart. If so, do not be scared, for you are not alone. We all find our way to this moment, and then many times afterwards in several rounds of deep inner soul work as we set sail round the bends and illusions of self.

The wonderful news is that we make it through the dark night of the soul. People make life altering changes that birth whole generations again and again: sages, poets, philosophers, scientists, professors, and humanists. Inspiring creatives that give their lives to work, inspire, and assist others to become the living art of their lives.

For we are meant to open then close, and then open again. Each time more succulent and breathtakingly stronger than the last; souls are free range bloomers in this garden of life.

Reaching out everyday to take that first next step. Daring to see what you already know by believing there is something that you do not, yet. There are many awake to guide, so find someone you connect with, and start to clear fear, ego, and pride.

It is baby steps, it is truth, it is ugly, and it is freeing. Hands up! It is the best gift you will ever give to yourself, and, ever receive. The gift of loving and accepting you, for the art you came to be is priceless.

Just like learning to love ourselves…we must choose to love ourselves the whole way through and back, the good and the bad, so that we can truly love others. Love our art. Love our life. It is a circle. It is who we are. We are the living art of this world that makes our lives and keep us questing and coming back and forth to the goodness that is all.


Kellie J. Wright

Self Love Transformation Guide at Internal Narcissus and Internal Journeys

The Art of Your Life Part III of III in The Create Series.

“You can have no dominion greater or less than that over yourself.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

My advice: find this out for yourself before it is too late.

PS There is enough time to start a 90 day transformation today and realize it before the New Year!

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