As We Create Part II of III

Sep 21, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Part II of III in the Create Series

As We Create…

We create learning to: fly, write, fish, mountaineer, garden, a new language, tantra, style, grace, peace, yoga, painting, running, laughing, farming, playing, rising, volunteering, mentoring, trekking, teaching, loving, healing, praying, singing, or sitting.

Yes, we even learn how to be still, to relax, and most importantly…

We design, we do not trend.

Fortunately these freedoms are a breath away, or two, or three…it took me a while to find all of mine, but they happened. Life will give us back anything we give her, for she is our most prominent mirror of art.

Life wants us, and we need her, and we are here to love and be loved.

Life and love are hungry, aren’t you?

I know that I am, so…

am going to feed them clarity designed in oneness. Cook up some new ways to deliver hand written messages to them, try to get their attention with new ingredients, words, and textures to make this life into the grandest win-win creation of all.

Oh, but, I left out one thing.

Sorry, for it is a pretty big “one thing” “we have to learn to become vulnerable”. Yeah, I said it, vulnerable. The “V” word.

I know it is hard, and am sure that I will fall down trying to do this for the first time, ever, someday, again, but am willing to go all in for love, for true love is why this grow-in journey began over four years ago.

To be love is why we are alive.

So learning to be vulnerable and to surrender are paramount.

Finally learning to let go of pride, so to not be on guard and open to receive defies anything that I was ever taught in life (so as tears well up in my eyes). I will admit that, yes, it felt damn good to beat my fear and learn in surrender to let go, and let God.

Giving up having to be right, and not because I wanted to be right, but because there was something inside of me that would not let me be, still thrills me.

Letting myself look foolish by trying to speak my truths, for the first times, was frightening, but have never looked back. Gladly too, for I will be a fool for the granted passages to self love and mental freedoms gained that are unimaginable.

Grateful (soft sigh).

Viva la Heart, for it is a dangerous life for one that wants to be open, and is blocked by a mind that will not forget the pain that once was, or fear holding us back from trying something new.

If someone asked me how I got to where I am today, would have to say a very long, long, and winding road. One that was steadily unfolding and growing forward while loving myself the whole way.

Knew where I was heading my whole life, so even though some of the slopes were slippery, was sure of where I was, and heading. There is not one person who can convince me it was not exactly as it was suppose to be, because it was, and, no one could have ever have told me how good it feels to be here now too (so no take backs).

Internal Narcissus believes that our greatest potentials are always in front of us once we free our minds. Also, that we cannot know this until we know this, so be easy on yourself while you are unfolding into each new moment as it is created.

Learning how to be present and participate in healthy ways both mentally and physically have been the carrot at the center of my horizon this whole life.

What is your carrot and where is it leading you?

Believing that at every degree in life we are presented stepping stones in a two fold path. One for greater lessons learned than assumed shames, and the other a circling while staying close to the knowns.

That is until we glow through a 22K gold light shinning brightly from the inside of our darkest mirrors. The illusive non ego self shamelessly calling us home. Blinding because they are our toughest professors providing lessons that draw us into the keep.

Keeping time with life can be precarious, to say the least, but if we approach these sacred teachers (fears) that hold all of the informations needed to untangle the past that propels us forward into the gloriousness that we are…we will then truly know how to create…


Kellie J. Wright
Self Love Transformation Guide at Internal Narcissus and Internal Journeys

PS Part III of III The Art of Your Life will post soon.

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