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Sep 18, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

We create who we are everyday in the choices we make and the placement we choose. Our outer worlds reflections of our inner worlds, and why we must work to free negative thinking that can keep us stuck circling in outdated patterns of thought: sadness, pride, fear, lust, greed, vanity, and judgement against ourselves and others that are, only, in the end, mirrors needing adjustments that lead to deep internal growth of the soul kind.

Rivers of thoughts that can run amuck sometimes. But the soul knows better, and through grace we can create and navigate these pathways leading to deep inner peace.

Bliss that we manufacture, administer handsfree, and is 100% organic. It is in how we change our day to day that we can balance our darkest fears with love to feed our hearts to shine this bright.

Hand picking our words that create our moods and paints our actions and reactions to everything are personal decisions.

We create, we let go, we surrender, we thrive, we find a way to process our insides. Inside thoughts, inside actions, inside reactions, inside procrastinations, and inside unknowns to anyone, accept us.

Once upon a time we told ourselves a story, and it became a theme to help us understand things we could not understand and did not have a voice to ask for help understanding. This theme then became a part of our character developement overseeing all choices and eventually becoming an ungrounded internal set of sacred codes, rules, and values.

Believe me there is some vintage artwork in there, so, it is no wonder that we keep making circling decisions in areas that have become patterns of our lives. And cannot let go of some old stinking thinking. It is not because we want to stay caught, but because we do not know where to look, so we cannot free ourselves from the outdated images.

Oh, but when we do, it is something we can actually feel, it feels amazing, and once we be this truth ~ there is no one who can take it from us because we will not let them. No way, by this time in life we are done giving ourselves away in hope…”we become a keeper” to ourself.

Light, life, and love shine from the inside out. They are manifested from the true love that we come from, that we are, and can never be tainted, for it is at our soul level.

At IN we call this radiance, and our radiance is our personal song of life. It calls to our inner warriors, and, or goddesses most inherently good intentions. Enlisting our highest and purest vibrations to meet in a signature cry to The Universe of “Here I am, come and get me”…

…but there is more…part II will post very soon.


Kellie J. Wright
Self Love Transformation Guide at Internal Narcissus and Internal Journeys

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