Just Let Go

Sep 7, 2017


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“We have to let go to move forward.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

Dear Inner Circle,

“Just let go”…it is what I heard whispering to me as I sat comfortably underneath the warm water drops hitting my body. Arms wrapped happily around my legs with forehead on knees in my favorite spot.

I feel connected in water, and when moving, or resting, but never sitting still.

“Stop moving”…is what I heard months ago in the exact same place. While meditating in water. Immediately was confused, for I was not sure if it was stop moving literally because I move a lot, or if it meant fidgeting.

I am always stretching, moving, adjusting my bones, cracking them, so much it feels like I am trying to stretch out of my body. Like I do not fit in it, or something. ~ At least that is the conclusion I came to one day (LOL).

This is why one of the main focuses in my 5th 90 day transformation is dedicated to focused meditation. It is me trying to break out of my norms. Making myself do things differently, so to defuse a pattern. Trying a different way of viewing or observing my ways both inside and out by creating a new practice, for a different way of being.

I know my personal ways of reaching in and reaching out. I am a dream worker and a water worker, and this is my signature way, so will not give them up. They brought me here. Four transformations later, and a better woman that I could have ever dreamed. Yet, it is time to break out of the old to try to know something new.

Looking at other peoples ideas and suggestions, taking what resonates, and putting forth the effort to maybe see through, break through, and feel different things, differently.

You know, really shake this masters shift. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and life is too glorious to keep being the same all of the time. Especially if you have gone as far as you can, and you know there are always other ways to try.

So this cosmic misfit will build today from where I am.

What else can I do, for it is all I have. Now is all any of us has. We must start from where we are full of wonder and awe…letting go of old ways by blessing them with the new.

This means the glorious dream of a beautiful meditation room where I can sit for long periods of time connecting to higher conciousness cannot come to life if I am not already building it one step, one thought, and one minute at a time.

Meaning the ideas and dreams we have of what we wish or want in our lives do not come to life by just thinking, wishing, or saving them on Pinterest. We have to shake up and out of our routines to create the new cause and effect in our ripples.

I am thankful for the time given to myself this morning to unwind and put this in the light. It feels like water and sunshine of the soul-kind. Nourished and finally ready to make this move.

Knowing now that it was not moving out of my home, or to stop trying to stretch out of my body. No, it was to learn to be still. To reach in further, and get ready to know more than I ever knew I could (again).

I do know the way. Have been here before, many times, and the starts ended up as false starts. No worries though, for this is how we grow, this is how it all works.

We are living works of art…each breath a chance to take a baby step that will coax us forward on a brighter path than before. Each calculated choice trying to slowly break old patterns, so to not circle, and breach forth into something new.

My advice:

“We have to let go to move forward.” Just stop holding on to whatever it is we are scared of…let it go, or let it in, but losing that grip frees our internal navigation heartstrings to play the right keys of self to open doorways of forgiveness and perception that can take us anywhere.


Kellie J. Wright

Self Love Transformation Guide at Internal Narcissus and Internal Journeys

P.S. IN 5th 90 Day Transformation started August 27, 2017. I am on day 10 of 90 days of hot yoga, and starting today to build, and or create my very first meditation place/spot/altar outside of me, so I can learn to focus and sit still. This is uncomfortable for me, a new part of the journey, but will stick to it. Now adding 30 minutes meditation every AM and PM for the remainder of the transformation.

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