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Sep 6, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Re: My blog, I Never Believed IN Altars.

The post below was shared with me last night, and I received it upon waking this morning. It touched my heart as it is a powerful and beautiful way to think about meditating, so am sharing here tonight.

Internal Narcissus truly believes that “It is from and through each other that we grow in our greatest leaps and bounds.”

You don’t need to build physical altars to aid in the meditation process.
Envision your altar and you will find yourself doing both…creating an altar and meditating. I love meditation. I’ve become a pro at it. Anytime and anywhere. Silent or active. Moving or still.

Let me know if you need any suggestions or help. Altars are simply sacred spaces where your tools of focus are lain out and prepared for you to use in an intentional manner. You can choose what those tools are or aren’t…spiritually, intellectually, physically, and otherwise.

No two altars are identical. Nor are they used the identically with exact/identical intent.

Maybe your physical altar is a shelf, kitchen counter, or end table in the living room with a lamp, your animal totem cards, some dream interpretation books, and a copy of the karma sutra.

*Sex can definetly be used during, and/or as, meditation.

I sometimes like to meditate in the bath tub while listening to music.

Maybe I might spray some perfume or light a scented candle and sit in the dark.

I might use writing, and/or write, as meditation or during it.

I use dance as a meditation technique.

Some people use martial arts.

You can have someone else help in guided meditation where they talk you through a session.

You can go outside for a walk or sit in the sun.

You can sing or speak. Repeat mantras. Etc.

It really doesn’t matter what or where. The main goal and purpose of function is to focus…on whatever you need to focus on.

Just like any other skill, it takes practice.

Starting with just five minutes until you’re comfortable is ok. Try to move on to ten minutes or fifteen. When you can do that consistently comfortable then try 20 or 30. Maybe you can do 60 or more. Maybe you only need 2. Progress according to YOU.


Thank you for sharing this with me, and allowing to share with our self love community at Internal Narcissus, Nettie Marie Glenn.


Kellie J. Wright
Self Love Transformation Guide at Internal Narcissus and Internal Journeys

PS This is what my meditation room with altar will look like. I am building one in my 5th transformation and will start small as was shown to me yesterday afternoon, and then confirmed by Nettie from her share. So will build as it feels right and timing aligns. The truest part of all of this is that we need nothing to connect to everything because we already are.

Photo Credit: Bohemian Pages.

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