I Never Believed IN Altars

Sep 5, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

I never believed in altars. When I sit and breathe on it I guess it is because that I found it hard to believe in anything outside of me. I was one of the things outside of me. I looked for them, I dreamed of myself to find them, to be with them. I built myself up in a certain way to be in certain places. The woman that I created and the lifestyle she envisioned are nothing like the woman I am now, or have chosen to be.

I’ve been working spiritually for 4 1/2 years deeply, but my walk has been my entire life, mostly from my teens forward. My aunt is a healer, and guided me along the way as gently and as off leash as she could. I was given enough room to make sure I found my own words and way.

I worked on my own through my first “unofficial” 90 day transformation. When I downloaded the blogs that walked my mind out of darkness one week at time over twelve weeks, and really have just gone piece by piece with it every since.

Processing the fourth and fifth chakras in my first and second transformations. Then solar plexus and sacral in my third. Finally coming home to finish a nine month alignments next steps in chakras, one per month, that started in Arkansas.

When I was in the desert I bought a chakra book with all of the chakra crystals to go along with it. I love the book, and have used it at will, but never dove into it, too, deeply. Just picked it up, for when and what I was being shown.

At the end of each chakra chapter it guides to create an altar, for deeper meditations. I am not good at sitting still or sitting in meditation, for I am a water and dream worker, so meditation is in mindlessness through power walking/and or working out.

Have tried several times in the last two transformations to make this more of a committed happening. It never worked, for had not found the peace inside of me that I have now. Apparently it is time to create an altar.

Altar (noun)
1. an elevated place or structure, as a mound or platform, at which religious rites are performed or on which sacrifices are offered to gods, ancestors, etc.
2. Ecclesiastical. communion table.
3.(initial capital letter) Astronomy. the constellation Ara.
4.(in a dry dock) a ledge for supporting the feet of shorings.

In the past I rejected altars like I rejected being a goddess or warrior. It just felt strange to me, and suppose it will for a while. Thankfully we grow slow at Internal Narcissus, so to not miss a step.

This is all I know for now on it, and of course will live and grow out loud each step of the way.


Kellie J. Wright

Self Love Spiritual Transformation Guide
Internal Narcissus | Internal Journeys

P.S My 5th IN 90 day spiritual transformation to shatter final mirrors, to find my breath and body connection through hot yoga, and work on third eye activation at will through meditation started August 27, 2017. Follow me on my journey, your too, for we are all one.

Photo Credit: bohemianpages.blogspot.co.uk I found this meditation photo on Pinterest and am using it for my vision board.

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