The Gift of You

Sep 2, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Learning to love ourselves so completely that to invite persons, places, and things into our lives is because we want to learn or get to know them, so to be with them, and not own them is the way. Opening up doorways to shared experiences that are both up and down while laughing and crying in truth and love.

Not needing these persons, places, or things to make us feel safe, loved, protected, or, to replace something inside of us that we have not learned to activate, yet, is a gift that only we can give ourselves, and a very real part of the transformation journey at IN.

When we learn to love ourselves like God does then we can see ourselves with no flaws. Perfect and whole as we came to be, and can now feel by letting go of the pain and fear attached to negative inside thinking. Awakened to live a life full of wonder, awe, and joy through experiencing the beauty that flows from and through all.

Love is good and fear is a liar. To be balanced in both is the turnkey to bliss.

Give yourself the gift and awe of you.


Kellie J. Wright

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