Don’t Want

Aug 29, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle:

I wrote this February 24, 2016:

I don’t want to be a warrior or goddess. I want to be disarmed, dismantled, disrupting, and completely vulnerable. Human, fleshy, open and secure. With just a touch of magic, and plenty of humility. Always hungering to understand, always lingering a little bit longer to make sure, but then graceful enough to let go.

Oh my, how dedication to free ones self will keep walking us through all. Back then the thought of being a goddess exasperated me, and I did not want to be seen as a warrior either, but in truth, what else was I, really? I mean ~ now I embrace both in such a luxurious way I cannot and will not separate from them.

Internal Narcissus believes a Goddess has nothing to do with the outside of us, which is the part I was rejecting, oh no, it has everything to do with our sacred feminine hearts.

The Warrior spirit inside me is my life force demanding to Shine Bright in mind, body, and soul. No matter what it looks, or looked like on the outside, or felt like on the inside. Even through the most ridiculous happenings created in a life of a human trying.

It is not until we can learn to laugh at, what is perceived as, the most humiliating or shamed occurrences by self and others that we can truly be the pawn in our life too.

Acceptance of this is how we learn to take down our guards, so to courier in a cleansing light of reciprocity.

We do not have to take in what has been given to us as acceptance of self, we can give back kindness, we can breathe in love, we can reject unholy and negative ways of reacting no matter the circumstance.

For is it always better to lead with a clear heart and meet our certainty on the battlefield of life with intent and vigor while being as disruptive and disarmed as we so choose.

Letting go is letting in when processed in the right frequency. Being a warrior, and, or a goddess are choices.

To everyone out there fighting the good fight, I want you to know that you are not alone, you are never alone.

Today I stand up to “don’t want” proclaiming that I am both warrior and goddess. Shinning bright in my dark and my light of who I came to be. ~ You can too, open your heart.


Kellie J. Wright

Self Love Spiritual Transformation Guide at Internal Journeys ~
Voice of Internal Narcissus

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