Self Love

Aug 22, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Never more true words and exactly why I started this journey a long time ago. IN complete surrender knowing that I had gone as far as I could on my own anymore. This is when I wrote, though deep water works meditation, the 12 blogs that walked my mind out of darkness, so to finally free myself from me.

We all come to a point for different reasons in our life when we ask ourselves who am I? Or, how do I keep ending up here, or maybe we want to change a pattern, but do not know how. I thought when I started this journey it was to find true love in another…

Oh was I ever wrong. I was looking for me, and me is not all that I found, for I found so much more than I could ever have wished. I found myself, my self-worth, became self-aware, found respect for self, found more broken parts to heal than I knew existed, and was excited because I knew I could heal them with my time, love, and effort.

There were so many unknown parts of self, too. Parts that I learned to laugh with and at: my pride, ego, and fears. Meeting the false self that I had built over time across my life when I was still half asleep and working from the I. Then learning to love her so much that she stopped beating us up when she felt scared, dismissed, not heard, or rejected.

This is what self love does for you. It takes you through yourself to find your way out. So you can be who you want to be in your now, not who you became along the way….it creates a foundation to stand on that is full of true love for you just the way you are.

We can only love another as we love ourself, so if we are still caught inside of places we do not love, we will be triggered at some point eventually, and how ever we learned to cope will be unleashed on the person or people who have triggered this in us.

It just does not have to be so. You do not have to hurt yourself or others, and you do not need to be alone either. We can all grow-in together.

At IN We are learning to love ourselves, so we can truly love others. It is is a circle. We have to be able to receive love as well as give it, if not we are only participating half way.

Love, Kellie J. Wright Voice of Internal Narcissus and Self Love Transformation Guide at Internal Journeys #selflove #transformation #spiritual #guide

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