August 7th Full Moon

Aug 7, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Today I tended Mother Earth. My yard, plants, bushes, and flowers. ~ So much goodness in this giving and sewing. It was sad to see how far gone I had let things become. Everything was thirsty and overgrown. 😞 I’m new to this. It’s my first home with a big yard to tend. When I moved in it was perfect, lush, gorgeous even; then winter came with all the beautiful snows. Snow became a vibrant spring which bloomed many beautiful flowers.

Then, all of a sudden, I was sitting in the middle of a dehydrated and dying yard. I had let her go. ~ It happens more than I think, in life, sometimes when we start tending one thing so much then we get caught up and let others things and places fall apart.

Thankfully, I have been leading myself to this for a few weeks now. Lessons pulled from The Lotus of Wisdom, Pensatia, and my heart knew exactly what to do this morning. Grace hit me in a perfect balance and turning point with this full moon/solar eclipse month of August.

I am learning to reconnect with Mother Earth ~ which is my physical body, while attending my conscious cravings to always seek further. I put down my books and got out of my head to be one with spirit.

It was time to make room on the outside of my being, so to invite forth new growth and beginnings to come shinning through. It makes so much sense. I know this too, it’s just that its hard to get it all running smoothly sometimes.

Me, myself, and I are good. We are home, rooted in, and now it’s time to make my surroundings and interiors of my home-sweet-home shine bright too.

Reassuring myself that I can do both at the same time, it will just take some practice, and getting used to. I got this, thanks auntie for helping me today, and now I will go turn on my sprinkler. Wow, Who would of thought!


Kellie J. Wright

#motherearth #gardening #summertime means my garden and trees need watering from me too! I love you Creator and Mother Earth! TLF

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