Aug 4, 2017


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“Blissful is a life that has a mind that will choose no other alternative.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

It is such hard work, but after four years of practicing and guiding others (which enforces the lessons I walked through, so I am growing again and again with my clients).

~ This makes so much sense, and is easier to be everyday!

Love you and your life in all of their shades of light and grey ~ and then you will know how this law of attraction and living from love works.

It is your story, so what is it? I did not like mine, so made a conscious decision to change the story which in turn helped me find then shine bright in who I came to be, not who I ended up along the way.


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide
Voice of Internal Narcissus
Internal Journeys

One thought at a time we can reprogram our brain to choose love over fear. Reply to this email to set up a consultation to find our how.

Selflove is being Self Aware. To be Self Aware is to know your Self Worth, so you can then work hard to achieve Self Mastery. Mastery of Self is what every professional in every area of life works on everyday to be the best at their lives, dreams, and goals.

Why should you or I be any different? We all have the right to Shine Bright!

We are all diamonds, mountains, gold, roses, love, truth, laughter, joy, and we all got this.

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