Jul 14, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Thank you to all of my new friends, and to the old ones too. I have been working away today. Trying to bridge out of my shell to connect more, so to make friends with like minded people. My life over the last four-plus years has been a spiritual transformation lived and grown out loud through blogs, radio podcasts, video blogs, and ebook ~ so to inspire others that they, may too, do this work and are not alone.

It is on my heart to say this:

To each of you, fighting the good fight ~ that you are brave and fiercely beautiful. Your pain is not in vain and that you will find the right doorways to balance love and fear releasing the sacred turnkey to life.

If you are reading this you know the way, but that does not mean that the walk is easy. Although having heard the call and even still then answered proves you are a light to others to get up and try again everyday…especially to yourself.
Remember that We are all the same just at different starting points along the eternal path.

This means that no matter where you are in this process that you are sacred, you are admired, and most of all loved. Bringing to light that it is now time to, please, honor these gifts of love. Never giving up on yourself or others in this long and winding road called life, for we are all worthy of having and sharing a life filled with joy.

My wish for you is to love your dark shadows as much as your questing for their light. Give yourself so much room to fall down and then rise back up again. Love these parts of you so much that you cannot help but to start denying fear and pride anytime lightning strikes.

Choosing to wake up to the reality of yourself and your life is not easy, for you will fight the false self, ego, fear, and pride. They are beatable though no matter how frightening.
Terrifying even until you make the first and hardest first step which is to commit to the start.

So yes, it is down right terrifying at times, and you can feel alone and alienated from your life and the people you love most, but you are right where you should be, or you would not be where you are.
Yes, we can only be where we are as we hand-walk ourself to every happening in our lives.

Being extremely strong both mentally and physically gave me no less pain than anyone else on this journey, and I have been shook to the very farthest recesses of my mind, but each time the further surrendered the easier it became to pass through and start really guiding the hunt for that next walking papers to gates of unfathomable clarity.

The pain passes as it turns to laughter and joy. Yes, we have to laugh at ourselves too, and the sooner we can the more quickly lights seem to change.
There is joy in choosing to awaken the parts of us buried in our minds eye causing us to connect to our lives in ways unimaginable before.

When we focus on the love and light that we are darkness cannot enter. Rail against the intruder. Dwell in the possibility of your one rare and amazingly beautiful life.


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide at Internal Journeys and Voice at Internal Narcissus Radio Show Host at Conscious Speaks


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