Follow Your Heart

Jul 1, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Internal Journeys was created after four years of personal transformation work that I lived and grew out loud in hopes to inspire others. To pave the way for all to find a truer way to connect to their hearts, minds, and emotions, so to produce transformative outcomes.

Ones with more flow and less stress. The work discovered and processed one day at a time through personal blogs, radio podcasts, videos, and ebook have become the products used to help sow and culitvate a new way to free self from the thoughts that plague the mind and that keep us making the same decisions over and over again.

They have now become services to empower peoples lives. A place where we work together to bring out the past to make peace with the old. Transformation work opens doors for people to find their way through personal blocks in life. To look at the qualities that make up our lives and decide which ones we want to keep, and, or change.

All of these works results in the ability to uplift ones personal, social, and professional lives, so to find deep inner peace.

Moving from mind based thinking to heart based being is a journey and gift of compassion for the people who choose to do the work, and for those they love. Lifting our inner beauty to transform our core values and create new internal contracts that align with our life in this very now.

In the end opening up new avenues of self love and care that allows us to make daily decisions to create the life we choose.

Come join me on the journey of a lifetime. The journey to find your truest inner voice and then find the courage to speak it by trusting yourself more than you ever knew you could before because you followed your heart.


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide
Internal Journeys
Internal Narcissus

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