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Jun 18, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

A past students thoughts on graduating an IN 90 Spiritual Transformation:

As I graduate from this process, I have learned, ever so slowly, that my thoughtfulness will continue to serve me, but instead of my thoughts being based in fear and pain, I can shift my focus to love, hope, and possibility. I have been stuck in my old expectations which no longer serve me, if they ever did.

“It is an internal contract of intention through transcendence, changing views and perceptions starting with the re-staging of all the rooms in one’s mind”.

“The light in pain guides us to and through our wounds into a new morning into a new dawn.”

“The light of love is the mother of all time and her essence is a strength we burn as fuel.”

“We must learn how to walk on the tight wire of longing and hope with a heart that is both open and closed, in a mind that wishes to stay but has to go with feet that have to get up and walk instead of stand still.”

“We cannot grow without thought and movement.”

“We can tear down old shrines that no longer fit because they are tied to old feelings and expectations that do not exist any more.”

The quotes that were just read are some that she connected to from the last blogs in the transformation course.

As we start her second 90 day transformation tomorrow I am honored and humbled to once again be her guide, and ever more sure of my calling in this life.

The IN 90 Day Transformation process gives our personal power back, so to then change anything that does not resonate with what we want in our lives anymore. The trust and freedom to know we can release ourselves from old expectations and pains that no longer serve us, but are keeping us trapped in circling is everything.

Once upon a time I was a woman-child lost in the patterns I had wove myself into. Everyday reinforcing and creating a life that was locked in by boundaries of unknown reasons. Knowing that I found a way out and that others have too using my process and me as a guide is what keeps my heart humbled, centered, and full of the deepest desire to be of service to others who wish to know as well.


Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide
Interanal Narcissus
Internal Journeys

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