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Jun 6, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Splash Check-IN:

Yesterday was a great day on the mountain. It started out a little rough because I had a little asthma related allergy attack from a mishap with tomatoes the night before (I am mildly allergic). No worries though, for I dug deep to work through.

I was on the mountain with nine RMI clients in Ashford, WA that were there for a four day summit climb of Mt. Rainier. Work gifted me a day of Mountaineering School, so I was added to their team. We worked for seven hours with two very amazing RMI guides, Dave Hahn and Nikki Champion.

We learned many ways to step, walk, and move during and in different conditions. Most importantly in a team of nine that are roped. We learned self arrest, and how to descend properly too. There was a lot of practice and it was hard and fun.

This time I did not escape unscathed, so came home with a sun burn from mid-nose down to my chin, but am well.

Was shown through speaking with my movement and strength coach today that I am getting ahead of myself, so was warned to slow down so as to not miss a step.

Wise words that I have heard uttered many times before…so, Camille, I will slow down and work on my core and posture first ~ then add weight to my backpack slowly. So to not become so worn out on Tuesday from my Monday mountain trainings that I miss another gym day with you.

Life is beautiful and this girl is getting stronger everyday. The photo in this blog is a shot from our lunch break on Mt. Rainier yesterday. I love it up on the mountain in the snow more than anything right now. It takes my mind away, and focus becomes instinctual. It is so quiet and expansive. It makes me feel relieved, small, and big all at the same time.

Words cannot explain how long it took me to get here or how much it means, but I am keeping my eye on the horizon and heart two feet in the snow with my transpersonal chakra more than now ever.

“Work smart is what I hear, you can do it all too, but must use and refill your energy wisely throughout the day.”

Listen to your coach.

Ask questions when you are not sure, speak up when you are hurt, and one step by step you will reach the top of the mountain “with the mountain” not against it.

Yes, I am listening further, and ready to start another week tomorrow in this journey with nine more weeks till my summit climb the end of July, but who is counting!

Love life and it will love you back, love yourself, and you have the keys to the kingdom.

Kellie J. Wright

Transformation Guide
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