Good Steward

Jun 2, 2017


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Dear Inner circle,

Driving home from work yesterday, and these words came to me “Be a good steward of your life” ~ it is the single most important gift you can leave your family, friends, loved ones, and humanity. Do not worry about what will happen after you are gone from this life, for that is inconsequential after you are no longer here.

What is more important is the hand-off. Pass a baton that is full of long pondered awakening thoughts ~ share uniquely aquired informations. A life passed through with no regrets, and having made peace with your demons. This bristles to life your journey’s gifts and opens a super highway of positive information energy flow that will brim over with loving residues.

Live long and prosper is what I hear as a final tagline. Reminding those close to keep the fires lit and momentum surging long after we make it back to visit again. Leaving others to take off where we left over because the works done to bring them up to speed were done instead of leaving them far, far behind.

Most of this came to me driving home, but I did give it a love over first. My recommendation: stay in real-time to tend your heart-truths because the real legacy you leave behind is the wellness of the generations you leave behind.

Together we are stronger and this is how we love behind a legacy that will raise our planetary core vibrations in the right frequencies of light and sound that can free us all.


Kellie J. Wright
Internal Narcissus
Transformation Guide
Internal Journeys

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