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May 2, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Yesterday was the first day that I put on a backpack. It felt weird saying and acknowledging it out loud to the young girl helping me, and still feels weird writing it in this blog today. Exciting though! As I prepare for the endurance training to prepare physically for a Mt. Rainier summit climb with RMI Expeditions the end of July 2017.

Decided to rent this baby for training, and for the summit climb too. A new one runs about $300.00, and I have learned to slow down in life, so as to not get ahead of myself by future tripping.

There is no doubt in my heart that mountaineering is a new passion in life, but until the 14,410 feet summit climb is achieved ~ there is no way for me to be that truth, for…

…there are always unforeseen’s in life. And this is why we must learn to stay in our moments. Taking time to be with what is really happening in our reality, not in our desires and expectations.

Pay attention here, for this is an everything-truth that relates to our: relationships, dreams, desires, wishes, and goals. Meaning that if we stay in our now, creating in each minute happening ~ that we end up making the very best real-time plans, one building block at a time. This kind of being present is everything in life.

Internal Narcissus believe it is all that we have really have, for it is the infinity loop of now. This being when we get ahead of ourselves by becoming tied to ideas, or producing mini movies in our minds of what we think we want to have, or how to be, that we become stuck in-between our now and nowhere perimeters of illusion.

Not knowing the difference between reality and fantasy is dangerous and tricky circling behavior. I know, for I have been here more than once or twice in my life.

Better now that my life journey hand walked me to and through four deeply transformative transformation’s. Learning to see without seeing is a spiritual gift of cognition in a personal prescription of truth. Vision that I believe we all can use once we take the chance to venture outside our lines and decide.

Of course facilitated by making a plan and growing slow. Taking one step at a time while learning to stay centered in our thoughts. Promising to be with our each and very next breath taken while mindfully allowing life to unfold as the gift it gives.

Today, I am honoring the courage of the pioneers in thought that came before me. The brave souls who blazed the highway, byways, and deep crevices of self to find a way through the other side of self.

Never have been more sure of and accepting of all the intricate ebbs and flows of life, and their sacred lessons that give me the strength to go higher everyday!

My wish for you is to take life on a date! I did, and it is looking pretty good from where I stand these days!


Kellie J. Wright
Voice and Author
Internal Narcissus
Transformation Guide
Internal Journeys

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