Love is Light

Apr 29, 2017


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Love is light; a magical wave that breezes through the body and soul when in the right vibration. Nothing more, or less, for this is loves beauty in its natural state. Love does not have a meaning assigned to it…it is a truth that leads from the heart filling our minds, bodies, and souls with bliss when centered in its three alignments. ~ Kellie J. Wright

Dear Inner Circle,

For too long now, Love has been manhandled. Right down through that ages ~ morphing in and out of so many historical, cultural, and evolutionary changes that if we are not aware of this we may misuse love everyday, and in many ways that are deeply disturbing.

I do not believe that we want to do this, or be this, but we may be until we know otherwise. Do you feel that somewhere inside of you, is anything resonating? This truth is alive inside of us no matter how deeply buried.

Internal Narcissus believes that the truth of love exists within. The barriers to its harmonies are old ways of thinking stuck in memories that have become, what we believe are, our personal truths, but frankly are not.

Following a desire to know this finer truth as it slowly appeared opened my heart to truly see. It gave way to make a real-time connection to love filter-free. Returning the prescribed rose colored glasses that were blocking real-love in negative ways rigged to suit a reality that was never mine to begin with, only was a participant.

When you free your mind ~ it liberates your heart to be who you came to be. A beautiful child of God that is meant to be at peace not at suffering. Living a life driven by love and not fear. Choosing to learn new tools to listen further, so to decipher and defeat the noise echoing from false-self, fear, ego, and pride.

I am full of gratitude to have found the right doorways and fractal fissures to facilitate the changes. A rite earned is the right to know who you really are in the free and now. Compelling and honest work, heart wrenching ~ not everyone will want to do this kind of work, reality shifting ~ wake the heck up kind of work.

My honest and absolute thoughts around this are…what else would you be doing, and what are you doing?

Again, what are you doing? Who are you, and how do you love? What message are you giving and receiving through the constructs of how you love in your daily life? How are you hand-feeding your version of love to yourself, and those you love in your personally created everyday?

These are real questions that should be asked, and there are answers that will come, just not the right ones at first want. No, you will have to ask again, and listen further, and then come back and ask again.

A gift for all when sought in earnest surrender, for you too can be touched to life. Awakening yourself to live life in a way that is hidden deep inside of you, and for far too long.

Of course you will not like what you find at first, and will even be surprised, for I was. Had thought I was doing every thing right even though there was a knowledge deep down that something somewhere was wrong.

This is the first slight of the mind-trick mastered to breaking free from fear.

Joyously too because once creations light is found and felt in excstatic waves of truth-beauty flowing boundlessly beneath the surface of what is hidden; the war without is over. A deeper shade of shift turns its tables leaving a face forward view of whom and what was being fought all along.

Soul free is doctrine free…hope free…wondering free…self-free ecstasy. It is knowing and being what you already are at the core of your resonance, and have always been, and that is Love.

A delicacy so sublime, that once awoken we do not need anything outside of us to complete us. We are centered in truth and oneness. We become Holy. In a divine connection of spirit and breathe tethered in a long slow kiss softly breezing across the life in our matter.

A french-kiss of truth and honesty loops that keep us thirsting for more and coming back no matter what ~ overtime, every time, next time, again and again.

Love is light shinning through the dark ~ a never ending mystery of here and now.
My advice is to figure out how to not miss it.


Kellie J. Wright

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