Apr 11, 2017


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“We do not have to believe everything we think. ~ Although it is the tendency to touch.”

Dear Inner Circle,

A thought came that wanted out, and then it became this:

We do not have to believe everything we think. Although it is the tendency to touch. One would assume if we think a thought it must be true, so we embrace it, we hold it, examine it, decide what its future is, and bring it to life. This is the recipe to the building of thoughts.

Dangerous works this is because so many times they are made with missing ingredients, for it takes two to have a conversation. (Insert a deep Gasp here.) This is how I felt when the revelation hit me during a pivotal point of processing in my second 90 day transformation in Latigo Canyon, Malibu, CA.

A journey that was started for work in Body that quickly became something else. The birth of moving from Mind based thinking to Heart based.

I was still green in what would become this four plus year journey, but had enough awareness to question some thoughts that were being built against my signifiant other at the time. They were so negative, so dark, and I was mortified. Swearing to never speak to him again; embattled with me, my thoughts, and I.

Let me be honest, things were not going well communication wise, but what the hell was going on in my mind was obscene.

In a flash from the heavens weighted by the heaviness of fighting the obscene, was gifted an eureka moment! Realizing: slow down, calm down, these thoughts cannot be true, this is not the person that you know. No matter how well we were or were not doing: nothing warranted this type of persecution. Right then and there instinctively knew that I could immediately reject them.

How did I know this? I just did, but how did I do it? By holding the negative thoughts up to light. Comparing them with truths known and situations we had shared with family and friends, so started de-qualifying the heavily built assumptions one by one.

This may sound weird, but we are talking about our minds here. This did not change what was wrong in the relationship, but it changed how I started to interact with it, and my fear.

Fear based thinking is tricky and slick when it comes to protecting us from what feels bad. For many good reasons at first look, too, because the mind is working with the only medium it knows which is real time. Attached to the archive of our stories with their left over energies attached; unprocessed emotions that have become arsenals to protect under the belief of heavy conflict.

Believe it or not, this is true, your mind will try to protect you from any assumed harms that you are only thinking about, or maybe trying to deny. It will enlarge and blow up pretty much anything it can to steer you away from what it has perceived as a threat in real life.

So if you start to cause yourself any feelings of pain or anxiety when you are thinking. Alerts are sounded and whoever is in front of you mentally or physically will reap the brunt of all past memories and pains collected thus far in your journey. Every happening that was never honored by processing, since birth.

This changes hearts, closes doors, shifts destinies, and can even make people disappear.

If you do not believe me, ask yourself this. Have you ever felt upset about something that you heard or saw and then instead of calling or asking the person to clarify this happening sat stewing on it, for hours, maybe days?

During this time your mind is connecting dots, having conversations in your head with the person or people. Connecting what may or may not have happened to anything else that relates to this incident from prior situations, and so on.

By the time you speak to this person in real life, if you give them the chance, you have already tried and found them guilty. Sometimes never giving them a chance to talk to you at all…they never have a chance to talk to you at all ~ or to tell you their side of reality with you hearing them.

Let us remember that nothing is ever really happening to us unless it is happening. Right now I am typing while thinking and reminding my heartbeat that drives my blood pressure that I am simply recounting a story, and none of this is really happening.

Deprograming coping mechanisms designed by a less learned, and inadequate first designer of self to defend self is empowering. Learning that we do not have to react, retaliate, or defend ourselves in any given situation is a game changer.

Every action that happens in life is neutral until we assign a value to it. Encouraging is it not that once these tools are gained, we can make logical choices of how to read situations from the heart and not react from a hot head?

This gift, this gift, yes, this GIFT is about real love and forgiveness, it is about realizing that no matter what happens that we are all humans-trying and have a choice to be where things are happening, or are not.

Embolden yourself on a quest to find self-love which provides self-worth so evident that you will never be bullied by yourself, or another again. Moving from mind based thinking to heart based thinking ~ is about learning how to grow through love and fear with people we cherish.

Creating safe places and safe words to help talk each other down when things are escalating. Life escalates….it ebbs and flows, it is hard work, it is tantalizing, but a lot of not nice things happen to good people along the way everyday…

To EVERYBODY because we are trapped in our fears until the day we are not.

Love is learning to not take things personally, and redirect conversations back to real time when lightning strikes. Always finding safe harbor after the storm, so we can laugh and love through its misunderstandings, or sometimes gracefully accept that we must let go, and grow.

Learning that we do not have to get mad when we are upset is the second lesson we assimilate when reclaiming our minds. It is the Gold that you are seeking.

Become emboldened and your heart will enliven your spirit with an ever lasting ability to shine bright in the hues of your own intentions: under any circumstance because it is free from fear and self ridicule.

Critic, William Gerald said “Embolden your will, hone your mind, and speak the truth as it speaks to you.”

Internal Narcissus agrees, and believes that we must become our own internal critic to find our way through the multiple layers of feelings that we carry around. Ones frozen in memories that are guarded by an inner-self that needs to be loved on before its acquiesce.

The secret to all of this goodness is…learning to love ourselves the whole way through, for it is the only way through.

Opening your heart to free your mind is to come alive in a touch of a dance so exquisite that time quivers at its mention. Destinies align, birthrights are claimed, and peace and clarity blossom.

Instilling a power of awakening so deep that mountains crumble to softly dismiss the parts of you that you do not need anymore ~ while wondering forward, what took you so long in the first place.


Kellie J. Wright
Voice at Internal Narcissus
Transformation Guide
Internal Journeys ~ Free your mind, so you can open your heart.

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