Grown Up

Apr 6, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

This may sound weird, but have to share. I awoke pretty early Saturday April 1, 2017. Happy and feeling pretty pleased with myself. Proud of the works accomplished in this 4th 90 Day Transformation. I had no idea where it would take me…although I knew where I started. It is always like that once we are surrendered and working we are open to receive, and align with all of the other help we need too. Was gliding through the house smiling deeply ~ and then these words came, so I wrote them down and guess it is now time to share:

I am pretty proud of you Kellie, you have grown up to be a pretty decent woman.
You always had a good heart, but that just was not enough.
A broken heart has no foundation, no place to call home.
Try as we might and did, we found all the places that were broken,
Then walked right into and through them to make them whole again.
Tough job kiddo!
I am proud of you.
Now we can Shine Bright Together!

Love Me & Kellie

P.S This is my truth as it came to me, and felt the need to share. When we work with our highest self, inner child, and real time self ~ the conversations are multi level and layered.

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