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Mar 26, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Are you open or closed? I wonder if you know, for it is not always an easy thing to detect. I will let you in on something…there are layers undetectable, so it is never an easy question to answer. Had thought that I was open many times before in this journey, only to find there were some secret doors that had to be blown off. Masks hidden in letters, words, and rhyme. So we can be half open and half closed, for a very long time before we find the right codes to initiate the big bloom.

Last week I was given a sign that showed me that I am closed. My heart that is, and would not have believed it was. This is why signs are important to my work, and sure enough ~ my heart chakra is closed. The sign gave me the knowledge that it was now time to open my heart back up in this equinox cycle of spring. Not taking this lightly I worked for three days to make sure to find all of the deep parental catches to process with love, deeply.

This 4th 90 day transformation has been so very good to me, for so many reasons. God always gives us what we need attached to what it is we asked. My body changes: no sugar, vegan diet, no caffeine started January 2017 are awesome. I feel amazing, but realizing that my heart was closed when I had no idea it was not ~ was the last message needed to walk this woman soul-free (or so I thought*).

What I have gleaned and tagged as the upmost importance in my journey. Is that through Growing-IN, I, ultimately, Grew-UP. A full fledged woman in complete harmony within her 47 years of being here. Not that I am perfect, no one is, and have no desire to be. I like my dark and my light in equal measures, and this equals bliss.

Just am not interested in being forever anything, but open, free from ego, and ready to live from my heart, in the now, and to assist others who wish to take this journey, if they so choose.

To know thyself is to pay careful attention to what we present ourself daily. What we present ourselves is what we are made of…it is the recipe that builds our reactions and actions that become each and every minute of our day. When I was just running around being who I had became that was different, but now having claimed myself. I stake the land daily, so to be the best version of self that I can. This work takes patience and resolve, so I say:

Present yourself as a King or Queen…treat yourself as your would your best friend. Grow up and into your body that you now realize is your only real home. Internal Narcissus believes this is called real-time, adult, state of grace living. Quantifying that we need to no longer act like little children, for the children of this world need its elders to be centered and present adults. To be their fearless leaders in a world that is dangerous and deceptive. Children should not have to worry about their parents. We must wake up to provide everything they need to grow up and prosper, and at the same time leaving them an Earth better than we found it.

Please know there is a difference from being childlike and acting like a child. Painfully I know this all to well, and it took all four years of this work to earn the vision and gift to see its totality. Having never grown up or had responsibilities that force one to at least half grow up: I was sadly lagging in this area. No matter now, we learn forgiveness for self, and others ‘like there is no tomorrow” on this path.

I raise a call to action to all reading this blog, it is time to wake up and leave the world of innocent and the beauty of youth, for those who are happily, painfully, and exquisitely in its throes. The rest I ask you to wake up and take your place to provide and protect this world together.

Everyday that we resist the call to Grow-IN we deny ourselves the chance to catch up to our body and self in real time. We loose the chance to Grow-UP and shake the disease that is keeping us blocked in fear and living behind walls mortared with ego, fear, and pride.

Questions: What do you present yourself each day? What are your working on to leave your mark? What were you born to do, but cannot until you free your mind from ego by going inside to meet self, first?

Ego will bar people from their dreams. No matter how good we are at the game ~ because in truth there is no game. Action is needed compliancy is stillborn, so what will we have to be presented to wake-up? I lived this waking up process for 4 years, so I know how hard it is to do the presenting, but what would you give to stake your mental constitution in a way you have never perceived before, for you, for your family, and the greater good of all?

Let me know, for I am more than ready to start this conversation.

Kellie J. Wright
Transformation Guide
Voice of Internal Narcissus
Internal Journeys, Inc.

* P.S. In meditation this morning found that my solar plexus chakra is closed, too. This makes perfect sense, for if I cannot be open in this aspect then I do not have 100% faith in myself. I worked desperately to find my truth in my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 90 day transformations.

The 1st inner child work and relationship work opened my heart, but it closed back up. Which lead to my 2nd 90 day transformation: centered around moving from mind based thinking to heart based. My third was a paralyzer of twin flame mirror work. All from someone who had never worked with chakras before, or knew what a twin flame was. I did my best, and always tried harder at every fall, and have grown amazingly.

Now in my 4th 90 day transformation it is clear that working to keep all chakras open and flowing is going to be the focus of my daily practices from now on. This is decided, for I will not lose staked ground.

Trust me that when you do start your transformation work, you will wonder what took you so long. I am ever amazed. Assuring you that once started the commitment to find and free your inner truth will give rewards past your expectation’s.

Thinking on my new finds this morning opens a whole new sense of Aha! Of course I have to go back in to open solar plexus. Vividly, and solidly with a claimed inner truth that is new and profound and something I could have never found until now. I will share my work in week 12 check-in! Shine Bright Beauties! Your all you got!

The third chakra is the center of willpower. While the Sacral chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment, the third chakra is all about the perception of who you are.

OMGoodness ~ I love this work!

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