Creativity and The Self

Mar 23, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Chapter Seven, The Self, A Beginner’s Guide to Jungian Psychology is my Shangri-La. I assimilated all of my knowledge from collective conscious and divine interverntion. So reading this book, last quarter, is an exclamation point on my last four years transformational work. I laugh and settle in with a glow that a parent gives a child when they know they have learned something on their own, but that nothing is new.

After many nights of dark shadows in my fourth transformation over the last few months; where I was feeling blocked, stunted, and in a creative funk. This chapter provides the passageway to a place to find comfort and likeness with those who have come before. Where I can make sense of my ups and downs. This is why my heart illuminated two nights ago; breaking free in a peace of mind so close to total comfort that I have not been able to access for any stayed length of time in a while. Alas, this is the journey at this level of work. We truly are all one, and once this path is started there is no desire (for very long) to not continue. It is a oneway ticket to bliss, and one that feels more comfortable on than not.

Inner soul, child, mental work ~ is the best gift in life. Albeit it is dark, tight, and confining at times. It on the other side is the most bright, beautiful, and defining place of love. Learning to love yourself the whole way through and accept your dark and your light is everything. For once we know who we are, we make peace with who we became, we learn to let go of held pain and fear. Insisting that we are fine and feel more comfortable in our wholeness. Ultimately creating less highs and lows in a balance of stability.

After my 3rd 90 day transformation my then boyfriend and I pulled off saving our relationship through twin flame madness. Only to fail and cause each other so much more pain. My heart went to Arkansas with friends to work there and to lick my wounds. It really was the starting stages of the sacred healing part of my journey. Learning to let myself feel and grow through all of the rage, pain, and whatever came up with no shame or judgement. Not letting myself bypass the process, and it became a disheveling of the self through the ages. Freeing stored up energies from my youth forward.

Looking at the three stages of Individuation as I now know them. I see that with knowledge buried deep inside, and the desire to heal on my own through the transformation’s I followed Jung’s path. Eerily too, Internal Narcissus, wow, it still blows my mind. The connection to this book, and chapter seven right now is felt deep in my chest. In the tree of me where I have ripened to its knowledge. Earning another sacred tool to mange and keep my inner alignments in sink with the now.

I am where I should be. In a long line of others that have come before. Trudging and sailing through the inner realms of shadow and light. A life long seeker in an ever expanding universe. One that is still in full expansion. Ever moving, evolving, and so shall and will I, too.

There is no way to sum up the Self, nor to adequately describe all the challenges life presents once one has developed a conscious relationship with the Self. Though through the three separate stages of Shadow, Anima/Animus, and Self, there is only one continuous process – The relationship between consciousness and the Self. ~ Robin Robertson

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