Truth is Necessary

Mar 19, 2017


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Dear INner Circle,

Total truth is necessary. You must live by what you say. ~ Neem Karoli Baba ❤

I was living up in Big Bear Lake, CA a while back. This was shortly after my 3rd 90 Day Transformation. My HR manager and I became friends, and had good conversations with each other. At one point she asked me a question that I answered, but where she was going with what I said made me stop her by interrupting ~ to let her know that’s not what I meant.

She reminded me that it is my job to take the time to say what I mean. This was a big learning curve for me because I use too many words. A poet, writer, deep thinker, and lover of words that tends to elaborate. This Aha! moment made something very clear to me, and ultimately more important; I had to take responsibility to know what I mean and am saying.

This became a big part of my growing up. Taking time to think before I speak. Making sure to clarify afterwards. Spending time with me to learn and know who I am, so I can be that person fearlessly. Words are powerful and if not used right can lead people to many different conclusions.

Right or wrong this happens to many of us, and most people will never take the time to explain what they thought they heard, either. Causing deep channels in many unseen ways. So, go slow, be careful, and take the responsibility to mean and then speak with words that are YOU.

Never be afraid to speak your truth. Communication is what we are given as our number one tool in this life. It is more important for us to know our truth, and speak what we believe then worry about the outcome. If we are speaking our truth then the outcome will lead us in the right direction not off twisting in unknown swells.

Love, Kellie J. Wright

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