Tres Graces

Jan 28, 2017


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It is impossible to know another’s heart, so we must work to learn and know our own. ~ Kellie J. Wright

Internal Journeys are personal. They are a contract between you and creator: to learn and behold the beauty that you came from which glows and wisps inside of every corner and circle of you. I can honestly say that I have grown into a woman that is more beautiful than ever could have dreamt. Self tested and made to reason all negative energies from the minutest to the most explosive is how to achieve this state of grace. Grown to be a test, is what this has come to mean to me.

Believing that I passed, but life is a long walk home, so am gearing up to be what is most paramount.

No longer a girl in a woman’s body. No longer a loner feebly misunderstanding herself. No longer trapped in self underpinnings of doubt and not good enough. No, IN this moment I stand processed and refined through strength and might of the three graces, and more importantly, 4 years of taking full-responsibility of hand-walking myself to every happening in my life.

The good, bad, and the ugly.

Blessed be that each day is filled with more acceptance and truth than imaginable. I am content. I am good. I am ready for all that this world and I create, and know how to weather the storms of “my still getting used to upgrades and shifts” in knowledge to DNA that are revitalizing my mind, body, and heart.

Believing hearts are souls that need freed to come alive. I learned the strength to never again give away my personal power.

That power is reserved expressly, for God, the planet, and the service of others. It is not to say that I do not look forward to finding another like minded person to share my space, for I do ~ oneway, and someday. Just not at the top of my priorities anymore…and it is so good to know why.

Kellie J. Wright​
Transformation Guide at
Internal Journeys

IN the middle of my 4th 90 Day Transformation…that keeps growing better every day. Knowing that this is finally the sealing in process. The building of a practice, part of the journey, to lead and live life each day and night as it is gifted. And so it is.

PS Always remember that if you Love Life, it will love you back harder.

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