January 15, 2017 Check-IN I of XIII

Jan 15, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

Trying to sort out how to Check-In, for the 90 day transformation journey, and all that keeps coming is ~ stay the course. A blog and vlog Check-IN on Sundays. Splash Check-In’s when moved by spirit and breathe, too. No scripting, or editing as usual, using what I have in-flow moments when conscious speaks through my lips, pen, or fingers as often does.

I will be honest with you and say that I listened more than three times trying to not do this transformation. Wanting to take more time to find my bearings, but the stars aligned in far too many ways, for this star child to deny, so am being held to the higher plan picked before coming.

Most prophetically upon waking one morning early December, so desperately wanting to connect. In full surrender, turned over, face in pillow, finally making a personal cry to spirit. I wanted to meet someone exactly like me, but who is different.

Ask and you shall receive, for 5° of separation happened me upon a video about creativity by the amazing and awesomely inspiring, Jason Silva. His work was just the spiritual defibrillator needed.

This 2016 ending year wore me out, and was way beyond reach of my normal grasp. Shell shocked to a brand new person that is still the same, too, was having a hard time on my reality settings. I could not find my center. This was divine intervention for a heart that needed a jumpstart.

Lately these days have me most defiantly back to life, and back to reality. Of course still going slow. My dream is being reassembled…and I am taking special care of anything that I commit to, and or share time with. I am a Turtle now, slow is my now, and for me that is still mildly fast. LOL I am not sure how long this will be or how it all works, so I hang on.

Life is singing to me, but I am still practicing my back up vocals. Understanding that the darkness is no more, and all is balanced and new, but I am still nubile.

This brings me to the second cry to the universe. Again, I rarely do this and this is now twice over 40 days. See I know the universe listens and will give us what we seek. Not saying this is a bad thing or good thing, just that this is a real thing, so tend to be reluctant, or maybe precise is a better word. 😉

OK, back to the second cry. I was driving to work on Wednesday, after the snow, and it was beyond beautiful in Eatonville. My heart felt it would break for the love of the world streaming through, and all the mean and pain going on. On top of it another 90 day transformation was coming. I had been trying to practice meditation and was making no progress. Unclear on how to proceed in the work vowed to undertake, too…tears came.

Sliding down my checks I loved on Mother Earth, loved on Creator, and for all of their enduring uncomprehensible beauty. More tears saddened, for those who did not see they have a choice to change their life and have the love they are. Praying for answers on how to help, knowing it is all in the plan, then praying for Donald Trump, and for humanity, too…

This one moment was too much beauty and pain, and expressed in my heart of hearts that I could not do this without help. A fourth level meditation, third eye and crown chakra work to create a practice so intimate and innate that one can use at command.

No, too overwhelming this was going to be a dedication like no other. I was ready to give up, or felt it with no idea how to bridge the distance. I needed creator, so I called on Archangel Sandalaphon because he delivers messages directly to God faster than the speed of light.

Guess what, God heard, and my prayers were answered with an email just two days later, and my Spiritual Enlightenment Code was renewed. We really do create our reality and everything is connected, but it is divine timing and total surrender in the purest sincerity that turns the next key.

A world renowned enlightenment coach from India, is my guide now. Thankful, for yesterday in the works done, for was able to clear the block that kept me from connecting and frustrating me in meditation practice. Oh my goodness, God is so good, and people are breathtaking.

Meditation is my next truth, to build a daily practice that is sacred and holy. The space needed to find the Voice of Silence within. And so it is.

When we learn to love ourselves, for who we truly are and work hard to make changes to the person we became along the way and do not want to be anymore…we truly allow room for others to do same. It all starts within…we do not have to harbor anything we do not want, and our life is our greatest gift to behold.

Finally, at the end of my meditation this morning a thought came right through me. Everything happens in threes! Oh! Eyes shot wide open. At some point I will fall to my knees and cry out in a prayer that will be answered again before the end of this journey.

Openly I accept this, but of course have no idea of how, what, when, where, or why the happening will occur. Only God knows what will cause this fall. No matter, for I will walk with him down to the fire and jump in again to burn then rise into the air while earning the next pardon of grace, so to cross the sweetest cool stream that will take me to that first next step up a long awaited mountain.

Stay with me on my journey, yours too, for we are all one.

Always, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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