IN 4th 90 Day Transformation

Jan 13, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

January 13, 2017

My IN 4th 90 day spiritual transformation begins. This one to find the Voice of Silence within. Just when I thought that I was on my own, as have always been, a master arrived. They say when the student is ready…and this was undeniably confirmed for me today.

Upon waking there is an email for me that was the coolest drink of water ever sipped. My prayers to God, answered from just two days ago. Surrendered in disbelief of how to achieve my intentions, but God heard. Humble and full of gratitude, is me, all day today.

Finally like a child: open, eager, and ready to discern. 🙏🏻 This Journey has been guided by myself being a 100% spirit-led. Following signs, intuition and faith in love and God, but this is the first person to ever guide me. AND still have to go it alone (smiling).

After a long work week and day of peace that this really happened, decided to breathe my joy IN and out with everyone. What a gift from creator in the form of he and universe this morning culminating in divine timing.

Life is impeccable, intrinsic, gold, and we are the couriers. So, please remember that when you love life, it will Love you back, so ~ love harder! I am love-loving all of you!

Kellie J. Wright
Internal Narcissus

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