Jan 11, 2017


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“Just because someone does not understand you does not mean they do not like you.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

Life is a lot of things ~ all going on at once in the middle of a lot of doing. Doing that has to be done just to be here, so please be kinder to one another. Each of us is in the midst of “being” one of the hardest, most beautiful, powerful positions ever granted. The position of being human.

If in the middle of being human things start to feel personal ~ please stand up, or sit down. This will help to change perspective. You can also try to get in front of your reaction. If you are late slow down. Hold and open doors for others. Give up a seat, pay it forward at the coffee bar. Unimaginably these are the baby stepping stones paving the way to opening up your heart, and growing is doing that will light the pathways intended to assist each other along our ways.

Understandably it is easy to take something personal if you do not realize that you have a choice not too, but you do, you most certainly do … it is called freewill.

Once noticing that you can participate to make a difference in someones life and yours the things you want will seem closer, so do not deny a calling to be yourself. Dare to be stronger and to not take things personal, give people a break when you are not sane and heal yourself by learning your ways. Tending yourself first instead of taking another on will always bring a brighter and more probable outcome.

Beauty comes from the desire and application to change your bad habits and reactions to life and all its happening. Giving yourself a chance and others to have a bad day, and not make it about you is delightfully transcendent and grounding experience. Some people are still working on trying to get to the point of being able to notice their reactions, and others cannot, so we must be the change we want to see in the world.

If we all work together to stop the insanity causing mental wars and heart stand off’s and stills our personal worlds will become a better place to stay day after day. We cannot change the world, but we can change ours and it all starts inside. Make a promise to create a life worth having and sharing with others, and you will see more of it. Your mind and body, are in your charge, and not the other way around, or can be…as soon as charge it taken back.

In the end if someone does not understand what you say to them or does not respond or give you the reaction that you seek. I am begging please try to understand or remember that we are all very precious and we all have families and people who cherish us, and it is not our right to be cruel, shame, or take that away: including yours.

Internal Narcissus believes that sometimes we cannot hear each other at all. Even as close as the same bed, but it does not mean that we do not care ~ simply that we are broken somewhere inside that we do not know yet, so I pray, for all to learn how to not take things personally and remember we are love. Each heart is love and hearts are souls that want to heal, so they can be free, please let go, and let God.

Love, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

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