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Jan 6, 2017


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Dear Inner Circle,

The letter below is from a recent double graduate of the Internal Narcissus 90 Day Spiritual Transformation Course:

I’ve known you, Kellie, for nearly seven years now. Our lifes’ journeys and paths crossed only briefly but we have always stayed informed as to the road each other was on. It was only this past year that you came into my life through a divine calling as it were, because there is no other way to describe it.

I was at a point in my life where I was not only ready to draw a line in the sand but was also prepared and poised to take the next steps. I was, as I needed to be, like a small child, trusting not only the guidance of another but beginning to trust myself as well. I think I had taken myself from the vulnerable place of trusting others, out of sheer will to survive, around age 4 and had not returned since. Trusting myself was something I had never fully developed though fully believed for a long time that I was the only person I could trust. I thank God and I thank Spirit for bringing me to the place and to the person, to you, to begin my journey of walking out of the darkness. I was ready for a guide and you were ready for a client.

In 2016, you guided me through 2 (two) – 90 day transformations. The first I have entitled awakening and the second I have entitled conscious awareness. The reason being that we have to wake up before we can truly BE in reality. I want to say I’m a new person because that’s how I feel but the truth is that I am finally being me- the me that I was put on this earth to be. I am living an abundant, purpose filled life with eyes that see and a heart that feels and am filled with so much love and joy- I never thought it was possible.

My dream when I finished my Masters degree in Organizational leadership, and the focus of my thesis, was to create a legacy of authentic leadership for my children to follow. I now see there is a road beyond that for them, and for all of us; to fulfill the possibilities and realize the full potential of being light and love in the world.

You really helped me to open my eyes to see what I had been unwilling to acknowledge in myself and others. You helped me to be still and quiet and learn to rely on my own intuition, spiritual wisdom and understanding. You constantly redirected me to love and acceptance. You taught me to develop for myself new and healthy ways to cope and relate with others. You helped me to figure out what my truth was and to speak my truth. Mostly, you helped me to find and love myself deeply.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage all who feel called to be a better version of themselves- to take the first step in living an authentic life and transform your INner you.

~ Misty

I am eternally grateful, for the privilege of working with, guiding, and growing with this amazing woman and friend.

Always, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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