Dec 27, 2016


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I so want to fly, and patience is what I know, I promised a year of inwardness….4 more days to go. ~ Kellie J. Wright

OK, so I have been downloading, connecting dots, bouncing with my thoughts and totally excited in the midst of all this flow…breaching deep layers of intention seeking, for first air is orgasmic after being face down in your reasoning, so long. No way out, but through….yes, patience…something I am good at.

Searching is always rewarded with further access gained. Hitching rides to inner galactic pathways that connect space and now. If you are curious as to what I am, or do…I seek, am a seeker ~ whose number one mission is find and process any thoughts, feelings, actions or reactions that surface in mind and body, to bring balance. These mirrors shatter perceptions unimaginable and free truths.

We talk about this during a 2nd 90 day transformation jouney. That any problem we have with or feel towards anything: person, place, or thing ~ is a mirror for intended personal growth. A direct problem with perception real or imagined in self. We become docent to our internal petting zoo of agreements taken or given that hold self caged from the gift of freedom and peace. Which I believe is to gain the illusive and coveted mastery in self.

Exactly what I mean when I talk about walking a masters path of enlightenment. To me it means to be balanced in negative and positive emotions, living the four agreements as a personal truth, and finding our way back home.

I believe that I know next steps for 2017, for they have come up more than a few times in the last couple weeks, yet I am still listening further to make sure before posting in a video blog on January 1, 2017! I love the little bird in the attached photo, she looks as free on her feet as she does in her mind that is about to take off and fly!

Love, Kellie J. Wright ~ Author and Spiritual Guide at IN

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