Rite of Passage

Dec 22, 2016


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Dear Inner Circle,

I have not recorded a check-in via video for a while. I deleted quite a few while raging through some deluges, and so I LOL. Because all of it is fun. I love living…no matter what it looks like on the outside or feels like on the inside. It is an amazing gift to believe, be awake, and conscious!

More importantly, I am feeling the re-forming of continents once shifted underneath skies falling in: words and chords creating harmonies that spill silence in the middle of their inner worlds…It is the rapture of having and not having all at the same time. Mmm….this is going to be powerful, for all of the downloads coming in this recent activation of heart are coming quickly.

If I had more time to be alone with them I might die, so happily ~ instead I am at work all day, so keeping mental notes. If you do not know how this project goes, then this means when forces come as quick as I can connect them then I need to slow down, for it can be overwhelming….and I do, slow down, so to not miss a step or lesson being given ~ thus earned.

These connections are exacting the pieces of the puzzles downloaded from inception, leading to the why and the what and the how of the grail of this whole IN journey….OMGoodness, Intoxicating truths are the best fruits, so please, Stay tuned…with so much Love, Kellie J. Wright

PS I thought that I was going to write a rite of passage blog today, for I went and had a very important one done yesterday. The time and the place and reason happened to coordinate the tattoo of the logo that Michael Guttson and I created for IN, on my body. I am still keeping it private and personal while it heals, and as I am still in school from this final veil opening and that all of this has come full circle. I could not make this up, oh but I will articulate it to the best of natural abilities.

Today’s blog came quick and freestyle, as usual. Video Blog is coming when it does, for I am doing things different this year, as I look for a team to help me make something special to take include and build this project to a next level that will be out of this world electric with all of the bells and whistles, of the technology we have at hand.

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