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Dec 21, 2016


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Dear Inner Circle,

Facebook page Fourth State post this photo today. I am IN. This is a perfect t-shirt for the almost end to one of the most surely awakened and hand walked ten year cycles of my life! By the way I had no idea what that was until 8 months ago. LOL

And, as I close the end of what turned out to be a long spirit led, four-year journey through mind and time across country and back: looking and seeking to process any awakenings with a deep commitment to sleuth out all ego, fear, and pride in me: I now know what the next steps are. While saying good bye to 2016. I will let that stuff go. Truth is I already did or I could not write this, for that is how this works goes…

BUT….it is my intention to welcome 2017 (add 2+0+1+7 =10 which is a 1) this year of new beginnings to be one where of building a very solid practice, so to be who I came to be each and every day. Remember this changes ~ we change, do not fear change, rather challenge it and love on it. Love on you!

Of course this takes time and patience and practice in itself, as I have more tools then ever to now truthfully do this, I look forward to the next four years joyously. Knowing that the rise and fall is going to happen as surly as the sun and moon ellipse. This is the one thing I have learned about life in the last four years, and is a concrete truth: we rise, we fall, we shift, and always, again and again.

It is how we get up and how we define/chose to qualify the down that allows us to go in further to open up more, or grow IN enabling us to then move. Note to self here: Movement is the matter in the middle of the place where we fell down. We must get up! We must jump up, will you come up with me to the next level?

If there’s anything like a resolution, this might be the closest that I have ever made, for I only believe in now. Oh ya, going to buy this t-shirt, also. As I am creating a vision board to manifest my second bedroom into a meditation and yoga room. I have never done a vision board, but have heard how to do and am excited. Manifesting from the inside out is how I lived and healed the mind of me. Now is time to match the outside with the inside. It all starts one room at a time.

This is a very special birthday gift to me, to honor the 47 years here, next month. God is so good when we let him, and Grace is the Divinity in the Light that we call dark that walks us through everything that finally brings us home.

Love, Kellie J. Wright

PS A special right of passage blog will post tomorrow. And so it is.

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