Dec 14, 2016


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Dear Inner Circle,

This spirit led 4 year journey is coming to its first right of passage early next year, and we have done amazing things together:

1. Creation of the IN website where blogs started March 13, 2013.
2. IN Radio’s debut at NWCZ Radio in Tacoma WA two months later.
3. invited to my first 90 day transformation April 1, 2014 in WA.
4. Moved to Malibu CA and started a 2nd 90 day transformation.
5. IN Radio moved to LA Talk Radio.
6. Soon after moved to Desert Hot Springs.
7. “Internal Narcissus A Spiritual Transformation” ebook June 2015.
8. A 3rd 90 day transformation started July of 2015.
9. Moved to Big Bear Lake CA.
10. Moved to Bella Vista AR.
11. Moved home to Washington State.

This journey was not possible without the many new friends, old friends, musicians, photographers, people in the spiritual community, recovery community, many mentors, contributors, and God. We have grown so much and made so many wonderful moments together…

All beautifully leading to my calling as a guide for IN 90 day transformations, but am being called to not stop to keep reaching out to create a space for learning, living, and growing. So, how do I/we do this? What does it look like? I have some ideas, but this is about reaching out and including.

Last summer I spoke at the Bentonville Film Festival and I bought a T-Shirt with a thought bubble that had the word “include” inside it. and it has stuck with me, and is the theme for 2017 at IN, too. Please I would like to hear any feedback from my IN family, friends, or followers. Post here, or in a private message to let me know what you liked best about this project or what you did not like at all. What you like to see again, or brand new.

IN is a circle and we did this ~ all of us, and it is time to take this project of self love and awakening to the next level. All ideas are welcome, and one cannot dream too big, so let me know what comes from the heart, what comes up at all, so we can all Shine Bright again, and together!

Love, Kellie J. Wright
Thoughts that came this morning….way too early in the morning. 🙂

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