Dec 13, 2016


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Dear INner Circle,

I was just thinking that people truly just want to be happy, and remembering that I came to this conclusion as a young girl upon realizing a lot of people were not happy in the world, but I knew they/we could be if we loved ourselves first and foremost as we are. That this “loving self” thing was being done wrong. It starts deep inside….inside-out we must love ourselves. That there had to be a way we could adjust our lives to live this birth right.

Feeling the happiness from people in moments when they were connecting in real-time beautifully with those they loved. Could see them shinning bright in the hues of their own intentions when feeling safe and protected from the world. I knew there has to be a way to make this all day, and that a lot of people did not know they have or even affect their own hues. Many, including me too at times, were only walking around in a body that was feeling from the outside-in and hardened by accompanied triggered reactions.

Wow, I guess this is where I am heading with this post today, and that is that I believe any feeling that is accompanied by a reaction to high or too low (until all past happenings in life are understood in the here and now) should be questioned, looked at, pondered, and studied to find out the moment it time that it became an agreement (Please read The Four Agreements). An agreement to rush in or deflect (for both mean something deeper), and when we do this we will start to change somethings that became a part of who we are when things were not so clear, and we did not have the tools to understand what was going on. Then we can decide if the agreement/s still serves us, and if we want to keep them, or let them go.

Believing that we are a series of agreements (life sequences) being played over again and again in the movie of our life. Led by a script provided by many people and situations that happened along this long and winding road in life that has been executed by inner child, ego, fear, and pride until the moment we chose otherwise, and start to make peace within. Our lives need caretakers, and we are them, no one other than you can change or sway your mind. It is ever so true that we can at any time decide in the here and now to go in one step at a time to poke around our mind to meet ourselves as we have been, and became then slowly change the way we feel about everything in our lives.

With peace and precision give the script of your life a love over (my words for editing) to reshape the leading character of your life, and that is you. It is with great enthusiasm that today I hope you will, as I do too, think about your thoughts and reactions to let them point you to new wonders and new why’s on how to process and create the peace within needed to create and sustain a new awakening to self in your now that is your life.

We are the lead in our life and not a captive participant. We can change our life with God’s help and the power of Love any time we so choose, if we work very hard and never give up ~ no matter what it looks like on the outside.

Words that came over coffee this morning with Freyja Ann and my Christmas Tree. Love, Kellie J. Wright

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