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Nov 25, 2016


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Dear Inner Circle: I wrote a blog to post on November 25, 2016, but it would not send from the site for it is under construction. I did not fight the block rather went along with it. Which brought me here. ~ Curiously up for air much sooner than expected because on December 9, 2016 I found the final key to turn bringing this last 4 year journey to fruition. Phase I complete and Phase II promising prolific and explicit interactions.

The inner work processed this month caused the last leaf to fall causing full exposure on last negative aspects of self that were arising now and again. To walk into this darkness hands down is the only way through, so I did ~ again and again because we can only see what we are prepared to know, and to know these realities takes precision and time to access. The quests are painstaking, but well rewarded when one can change their behavior to thus forth change the way they interact with their thoughts and life.

More than I could ever explain has changed, and I am most surely not who I once was, so this is why everything else must change too: And so it is. All my work will offload to achieving, so I can real time everything. Gladly, and most excitedly ~ I am ready to jump back in planting both feet deeply into the ground while standing straight up, for the first time in a very long time, and it feels, so very good.

Always, Kellie ~

This is the post meant to be sent but did not.

Dear INner Circle,

My little family and I have been home in Washington state since July 2016, and I have worked every month as assigned in corresponding chakras. July was Root, August was Sacral, September was Solar Plexus, October was Heart, November is still Throat, and next month I begin work in Third Eye. I have always worked with third eye, but never in the way I am being shown now. Silence and meditation will be the strong holds of my December. In certain dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, the third eye refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra. In Theosophy it is related to the pineal gland. The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. More info at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_eye

Where I am is home with my immediate families ~ settled into a lovely little home in the middle of a state park on spiritual land by a powerful river located in a quiet little town adjacent to my favorite mountain. We have cows, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and parrots. Old ravens, hawks, falcons, eagles, deer, elk, bobcats, bear, rabbits, humming birds, gray doves, blue jays, and many other of God’s beautiful creations. Still taking life very slowly to unwind one step at a time from this very long transpersonal/transformational journey, and guiding others on theirs. Five amazing women have graduated the IN 90 day transformation, and we are all very much stronger and self aware from the work done together, for it is a circle, and we are building a tribe.

Admitting that life has been tough at times while processing old memories and pieces of past that flood my dreams and mind as they do, and when they do, so often without rhyme, reason, or invitation; but all a part of this nine ending year, so a needed part of the process. If at any time I feel anxious trying to speed things along or up ~ I remember to slow down, way down. Bringing my mind back to real-time to experience life inside each breath taken, and always putting God first.

All social media accounts were deactivated last August, so to listen further while setting the stage for the deeper silence needed to get ready for the power of intention in my third eye chakra work. Also because IN is changing because I did, and we are wondering what next steps are. A resurface will happen when it feels right in the new year of January 2017. Until then letting these wings dry off and feet find rest in the newness of serenity in the hearth of my home ~ which is my crazy, beautiful family and truth-north ~ The Pacific Northwest.

Everyday learning to maintain and use the tools hard fought for in the past four years, of deep inner child work. Recovering quicker each time lightening strikes, and will continue too, for this is how we grow. Oh! ~ I learned something today that made me laugh out loud when processed. It is: Anything that I want, I do not need. This sounds like an easy thing, but can be hard when you are just trying it out ~ becoming easier the more you grow into it, so today gave me a special type of peace. Knowing that God has a plan, and I am getting better at holding his truth and letting go of old fears that pop up as they will until they do not. 🙂

Life is so good when we let it ~
God ‘s in His heaven – All ‘s right with the world! http://www.bartleby.com/101/718.html

Love, Kellie J ~ (and Freyja Ann, Amelia Rose, and Xander Xavier)
Author and Transformation Guide at Internal Narcissus

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