Splash Check-IN July 19, 2016

Jul 19, 2016


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Today is the day….I feel aligned with my now, and will make conscious the letting go and letting be to feel concurrent. Now is this moment that has just passed becoming the second breath underneath the force that connects us to all. Balanced energy, of love and fear, with intent paralleled in foreverness and forwardness that are all I have, and are the energy that gives life; life that is borrowed and returns to the light night after night and day after day.

I read something in my Critical Thinking class today that hit home. It is about false-starts. That they are needed to get where we are ultimately going, so cannot be there without. Not surprising is that we are actually discussing this in week seven blog, in the 90 day transformation work done this week with clients.

The blog, is called Placement. “Lessons learned are stepping stones paving the pathway for our internal growth.” ~ and how we can only get to where we are going from where we are, one step to the next. That we cannot skip a lesson of intended growth, but will get stuck circling, or stagnating.

Learning of this theory or illusion of false starts settled my whole being because every start I have trusted lately, and or followed has changed. As soon as I accept what I thought, then work comes with feelings to process. Magically once through…BAM! Shift. This Chakra work is defiantly keeping me on my toes.

I thought, I am loosing it, but decided to stay very still instead. Being more quiet then ever to listen further to the backdrop of my mind and everything being presented, so to feel the truth. No thinking, just feeling, for the heart knows better, and I trust it more than anything I ever think. Using the shifts as momentum to turn round and then backwards ~ so to find the right door of exit.

No more seeking, for I am in full surrender to this uncomfortable truth, of false starts that have created a place to forever-more be truth: truth in the compliment of acceptance and laying down of lost to truly be free.

“Concurrent is my new black.” And so it is.

Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart ‪#‎heartsaresouls‬
P.S. This is hard, for I have been seeking my entire life…it is the only way through though…I have everthing I need inside me and it will rise and fall as I do. It is time for me to STOP. Huh, I will find this blog to attach in comment below today, for I cannot remember its secrets, but I am feeling I need to read it today. I affirm and accept this alignment. Honoring all that is and ever-shall be. ~ Love yourself like no one is watching are the words I feel. Hmmm…I think I shall. ‪#‎concurrent‬ ‪#‎powerfulme‬ ‪#‎insidejob‬ ‪#‎nowisthetime‬ ‪#‎free‬

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