Raven Feather

Jul 15, 2016


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Today Raven dropped a feather for me. Oh! sacred joyous day, I will remember always date stamp July 15, 2016. I had just finished part I of my Check-IN, and went outside to play with Joy (Grandmother), Freyja Ann, and Hope (her sister). I know this old Raven, too. I have listened to his song and stories for half of my life. He has been active, and always is whenever I come home. I am, humbled and honored with this sacred gift.

The check-in foretells of this magic, and am now, very, sure that I will transfer and work through last layers of root chakra this weekend. Today’s post is check-in 2 Part I of II that was suppose to post last Sunday, July 10, 2016. However, I move according to my internal algorithms not outside. Never pushing past intended lessons of growth. Reasons like this give nod that this is wise.

New blog post, for Root Chakra Check-IN 2 Part I of II is posting this evening at www.internalnarcissus.com ~ Part II of II will post this Sunday.

Blessings for a divine day in your frequency of choice. and please try to honor all and others. Remembering that just because someone does not understand you does not mean they do not like or hate you, for we all start and stop in different places, and peace comes from love balanced in ones light and dark…

Internal Narcissus believes it is is the master plan ~ believing there is so much more going on here on Earth than we can ever comprehend at once, so it is imperative that we come together. Please be kind to one another, for we are all so precious and deserving of real happiness in the now.

Life is the initiation, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus
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PS When I went to look at Raven online, for a sign. I found this: http://www.indigenouspeople.net/raven1.htm

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