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Jul 7, 2016


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I take what some people call “chances” in life. Never play it safe, and always work from the heart. Trying to stay IN my lane and be present in all of my moments. Admittedly, this is harder sometimes than others, for I am a human trying. A work in progress.

Most recently, working with root chakra: I see a wall built around this knowledge, around my belief drawn from the very depths of my core of how powerful we all are, and the truth that we affect each other and self daily with and without knowledge of this. I believe this knowledge had kept me circling and made me more of a recluse than a participant in my life lately.

Knowing this in the now helped me pull a tool earned from prior work to initiate a change. The ability to make a choice about my perception and make changes to its conclusions. We talk about this in Internal Narcissus A Spiritual Transformation: that We can unlearn and relearn all we have, but are no better than the conclusion we found ourselves in until we use these skills in relation and participation with others.

It truly does take a village. Nothing and no one is a mistake. Right now I want to thank Mary DeRoche (Past IN Radio Special guest) and her sister Christina who followed a connection in their heart sending an email about a spiritual radio show host looking for a co-host.

I have not discussed the co-hosting, but did send him my one-sheet and booked my first Radio Show appearance in over a year! Big smile. Also, in the middle of booking two more shows.

Today, I reached IN and then back out to be who I came to be. Everything in life is a choice. We chose. I chose you, and all entities here on Earth to share my love and light. We can and we will overcome fear. And so it is. Excited is a good word to describe the way I feel about talking about Internal Narcissus e-book and my guided 90 day transformation’s. | The show is recorded on August 2, 2016 at 7PM ~ Pyramid One Radio! I will send out more information on the show and where to find it very soon.

Love Life, Kellie J. Wright

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