Where You Are

Jul 6, 2016


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Where are you sitting and what are you thinking? Are you in the moment or somewhere else? Wherever you are please be there to start paving the where you want to be on your road less traveled.

Make a commitment to have what you are doing (right now to see it through). Create an exact dedication acknowledging its fruition. One that you can easily remember and bring to life in moments of doubt or alone time, for this is how we start to build the dream inside of us.

The one we came from, and can know once we start to feel its truth resonating from deep within. ~ Now pull a breath from the depths of your heartstrings to play your signature song. Then exhale slowly to feel its goodness in a residing comfort to keep you strong.

You know this place, you feel your peace, and you are the hope that became freedom before you decided you could not. This is your life beautiful sisters and brothers, your dream, so make it the one you know. ~ You do know the way.

Love Life, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus
P.S. Take a chance to change the way you feel about yourself, one thought at a time. It is a journey of self love and acceptance of self that is the most inspiring way to be in your world (our world). I pray for all to hear the call of truth that lives within. And so it is. Reach out to me for a consultation to start today! I am so excited to be working with you!

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