Root Chakra Check-IN July 5, 2016

Jul 5, 2016


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Grounding Your Energy Into Your Root Chakra

Your physical body is your first temple, the foundation for mental and physical health.

When you are ungrounded in your physical body, you can feel unstable in your life. You can lose your center, fly off the handle, daydream too much, feel like you are not focused or ‘all here’ in your daily work. When you bring your focus into your body, you find yourself feeling more secure in all aspects of your life. Grounding practices focus energy in the here and now. There are many simple ways to ground your energy including:

1. eating foods directly from the earth (unprocessed)
2. exercise
3. physical touch
4. through creating a nurturing home space for yourself
5. through following a daily schedule
6. creating healthy routines

This information is exactly what I need to connect to my outside world. I have been feeling a deep call to honor all 6 of these items, for it is imperative going forward to build this daily practice needed to co-create a life worth having and sharing with others. This is part I affirmation, for my root chakra work July 2016.

Adding ~ that my idea of how to process root chakra has already changed. My intended plan of action (to use same methods as Earth Star Chakra) already has morphed into something else entirely. It is OK though. I have gotten used to fast changes lately, and have adjusted accordingly to follow signs. I am committed to not missing a step and learning rapidly. Trust me in that this does feel odd, and I do feel strangely like a fish out of water.

However ~ I am taking solace in the deep gasping of air before every breath inhaled and needed to dive deeper below this illusion of self. This is done by listening further to submerge physical and mental body into what I feel and know are my truths. Also in that I cannot deny the work that has been given to find and process, in the meaning of these flowing thoughts that came to me in last few days:

1. Am I conditional?
2. I think I am still holding on to what I want. Even though I do not know what I want.
3. Its life, you have to experience all of the emotions.
4. I am the truth inside the lie that was never told. (WTF?) (Have I been given a riddle, if so it is the first one?)

I cannot explain any of this yet ~ oh, but I will. Excited and thankful that there are 31 days in July, for all days will be needed to find these vaults of stored emotions and truth (gulp).

Stay with me on my journey, yours too, for we are all one.

Love, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

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