Earth Star Chakra Check-IN June 19, 2016

Jun 19, 2016


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I grow stronger every day. As I build and grow the business as a design, for my life in real time by faith with Creator and Mother. I cannot explain the changes inside of me that has come, so fast, faster than ever. I know that the last three weeks of committed daily hot yoga while dedicating each practice to the work with, Earth Star Chakra, Mother Earth, Gaia, Creator, and Earth Mothers and Fathers has guided it all. I feel completely at one with both Creator and Mother Earth, and this has never been so before.

This is different than anything I have ever felt. I see and am given more than ever before in signs and downloads coming all day and through the night. I am forced to wake up to record them into my phone, and am convinced it will become a book that I was given a name at the very beginning of this journey.

Life is way high right now, and is still a little too noisy while getting ready to move and processing the whole next steps given in my journey. I see now why I needed to stay grounded here in Arkansas, for I needed to be grounded to do this work in transpersonal chakra. Wow is putting it lightly. Intense is right on, and needed, for me to do anything required in the work going forward to be love and assist as a guide for personal healing. This is a deeply grounded journey in interpersonal work with perception, self, and family.

I can honestly say (again) that I was blind and now can see. Baby steps are the only ones that could have been taken to pave the road to the here and right now. The ones needed to find the little doors behind the big doors of dark that lead straight to the heart of thy foundation. The keys that connect us to, all. The whole system is slowly coming to me in shifts that I am dutifully speaking into my phone. Held rapt in the solidification, finally, of ~ I am creating every second. I/we are creating our lives in each breath taken in each thought and through grace. Think about it…

I feel honored to have finally stepped into my calling and am working with Beautiful people, who just like me needed a little extra push to find the strength inside them to challenge all. The number one reason being our love for God, our families, and the desire to live a full life free from fear, drama, and stigma. Awake in real time is real life (As my friend, Jan Edwards, so correctly stated the other day). Clearing past to be present in the now is wonderful, and all of this just made me smile, so big!

Creator is waking us up, and I have three plus years of knowledge on how to fight the enemy called fear, pride, and ego. In this is an invitation to dive IN, for a 90 day transformations with me. Message me, for a consultation as to what it is exactly, and how it works ~ to see if it feels right for you.

I feel sure that a guide is needed because I tried to do this on my own, for years. I would sit alone in isolation trying to figure things out for myself, but once I committed to the 90 day transformation and had an accountability partner my world changed. It is not a joke that when two or more are in his presence…please think about it.

Internal Narcissus is going to meditate, for a proper check-in on Earth Star Chakra in regards to all of the amazing work done in yoga, crystals, and meditation work thus far, and will post a proper download next week as a summation to all of the works done in June. Intricate and powerful awakenings happened, and I will never be the same, and am so thankful, for I feel more connected and alive! I am balanced in mother and father (more to come).

Love Life, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

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