Earth Chakra Check-IN June 5, 2016

Jun 5, 2016


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“See your truth then harness your potential! This is your time to Shine Bright and be who you came to be.” ~ Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

This is the first week of next steps in my transformation journey to become balanced in mind, body, and soul to find true love. 3 plus years later and I seriously cannot believe that is how it all started. With a plea to mend self, so I could find true love. I am almost laughing and crying. God is so good, and what a journey it has been since falling to my knees in complete surrender begging, thy will not thine.

These next steps came in a really quick shift that I am still trying to process. Each day I work to listen closer, for guidance, and am slowly closing down shop here in Arkansas. ~ Literally giving away almost every last shred of clothing that I own, shoes too, and a bunch of other things that seem to have made it through each last thinning of things acquired, and still hanging on too. Not anymore though ~ and believe it or not, getting ride of it has made space for major movements again in my life. I cannot express how much we do have to let go, if we are going to move forward, for if there is no space inside of us, or outside of us to grow ~ lessons and forward momentums cannot connect they just circle.

I will be honest, my body is in shock from the last five days of hot yoga. The complete change of diet. No coffee in the morning until after yoga. I mean I had a pretty good diet before, but it needed help, so I was led to cut it all out. I only use fresh veggies and fruits, but I am going gluten free too, no treats…even my guilty pleasure of Ice Breakers Peppermint gum and my favorite peppermint candies that were consumed more like a bad addiction. They were dropped day one. I still have a bag of the gum (yes I said bag LOL) on my desk and will not take one piece. This commitment to body is serious, for me to pull next steps and garner ancient knowledge buried inside.

This is the spiritual work I am doing in my chakra work plus 200 days of yoga:

June: Arkansas/Earth Star Chakra
July: Baja/Root Chakra
August: Baja/Sacral Chakra
September: Baja/Solar Plexus
October: Baja/Heart Chakra
November: Baja/Throat Chakra
December: Baja/Third Eye Chakra
January: (undetermined)/Crown Chakra

I am checking in that the sweetest thing I have witnessed everyday changing inside me is my connection to Mother Earth. I am healing and connecting to her through the Earth Star Chakra and it is amazing me already. I work with spirit, Mother Earth, Mary, and Archangel Sandalphon. I call on them in meditations, and am using new language that combined is making an impression and impact already. I dedicate each yoga practice to the opening and connecting of Earth Star Chakra while blessing all because all is from Mother Earth.

There is nothing on Earth really that is not of her, so I thank her everyday by blessing my fruit and veggies while I am washing them for prep. I make time to prepare each meal with care honoring the gift of life and the bounty of which I am able to harvest. I am creating a practice from waking to sleep that is baby steps to honor my body-mind connection. Creating space to find space as I create a real plan to use in all my hours and minutes, while giving thanks to God and Mother Earth, wisely everyday.

Life is so beautiful, and I am so thankful and full of gratitude to be right here doing what I am right now. More to come as I live and grow this journey of spiritual enlightenment out loud over the next 8 months.

Live Life, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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