Jun 2, 2016


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“Be too smart to fall for your own deception.” Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

Rise against your occasion. Wage war against obscene thoughts to break free of the darkest dark one will ever fight; the darkness fighting to keep you from your truth. Let me be clear…your truth is not my truth and my truth is not your truth, for our internal light is as unique as we are. It is a one of kind connection that is designed before birth, for us to find then connect backwards to become balanced in love and fear, and our connection with God.

What if you decided today to take a chance and go for it, you know, try to fulfill this mortal destiny everyone keeps talking about by awakening to your in-line real-time conscious to be present with your mind, body, and soul?

Internal Narcissus is adamant that this is not a how to thing, but a how you thing. We create our lives daily, we try to mange it by the second, but what if we harnessed the belief that we can change it? This is not easy work, but it is the best and most awesome work we can do for ourselves and our families. Only if called though, and you will know when.

Please do not go where you do not feel called, for we should never try to grow ahead of where we are in our soul journey. We truly cannot anyway, for we have to be where we are until current lessons are learned leading to next steps of intended growth. Trust is paramount, for you will know when it is your time to say I cannot do this by myself anymore. I reject who I have became or ended up, and now I am commited to finding the who I came to be, my real me.

Unfortunately you have to do what you have been designed by fear, until this point, not to do. And that is your inner soul/child work. I know, it seems so daunting, and I believe it was meant to, and again all to keep us from doing it. We have to work hard, for this gift of life in the now. Yes, we will change the way we feel about ourselves, but only and when we are tired of being tired. Tired of lying to self, tricking self, denying self, or over indulging self.

When the pain of suffering finally starts to outweigh the pain of being alone. Alone in our thoughts, in our pain, in our contentment, illusion and the slight feeling of what if things could be different? The work once started will bring a peace that is readily available to use and call on when times are hard. Believe me, I thought my connection to God was strong, until I did this work, and now I am full on God.

My faith is the same never faltered, but it was my connection to my God that magnified three fold. Now, my drug of choice is creator! Freeing self from ego, fear, and pride is not a joke, but it does take time to get through different stages of it, so this peace will fluctuate as the graces and hard knocks of life happen. If we work to hone the skills and turn them into a practice ~ we will learn to do these four things impeccably:

The Four Agreements
1. Be Impeccable with Your Word;
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally;
3. Don’t Make Assumptions; and
4. Always Do Your Best.

First conscious does not mean we are perfectly balanced, but it does mean that we know better, and have a plan to use and to lead the way whenever we get lost. That we tried and through dedication to self, found the next-doorway to clear and free our minds. That we know and start the hard work to move past thought patterns and repetitions in the form of feelings that come crashing in as waves or slowly as the tide comes in. Wave lengths of energy meant to knock us from center, only we have now done the work, so can stand our ground.

Baby steps is how we build and grow this relationship to happiness in our sad and happy moments. At Internal Narcissus, out loud, and all over the place I grew slow, messy, and the best that I could with the tools I had and each step of the way. I would stop when I needed rest, and sleep when I needed sleep, cry when I needed to cry, and walk for miles when I needed to walk for miles.

It was more important, for me to figure out how to connect to myself in real time than anything else. I knew I had too, if I wanted to connect at all. This means: life, love, self, ground, thoughts, fear, intent, family, friends, and God. I would not try to get a head of myself for anyone….knocking on every door and waging a war against any negativity that arose.

I would run face forward into anything I was resisting knowing that it was the way through. Always forward never away. I refused to go blind and miss any more of my days and minutes of good sleep and peace of mind by not being happy with my life. I decided to not let fear choose my next steps by always changing everything to suit it.

Instead I radically decided to do the opposite. I wanted to be smarter than the brain I knew, and more devoted than the heart I was searching for, and it brought me here. Hungrier to assist those who want to work with me, and now in a final defiance ready to take six months to solidify the work done and own the truths I found.

The past is the past, the now is all I have, and in my mind I hear “awake is the new black”.

Reach out to me if you would like to work with me in private sessions, or in a transformation. I am taking new clients, and am ready to assist and guide. Thoughts are tricky and it my gift to listen and hear what you are saying then show you back, so you can decide what you want to do.

We are all one and we are all worthy of having a life worth living and sharing with others!

Love, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

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