May 29, 2016


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There comes a time when one must walk away, if they can, from everything. Unplug the phone, get off the grid, and get in touch with the “who they came to be.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

The spiritual and mental work that I did over the last three plus years was intense and insane. Some times I laugh and then sometimes I want to cry, but will not let myself. Steadfast in the belief that everything happens for a reason, and only as it can when it does.

My life has been a joy ride of travesty and gentleness mixed with aptitude and denial. Clever is the mind that wants to keep us mired in darkness, and from greatness. Knowing this, I never stopped questing, never stopped seeking, never stopped learning to let go, so I can be. While always looking for the best in myself and others. People are so beautiful to me and I love them, so there is no other way.

Believing that life is not meant to be a game of chess but an embrace that we should greet with open arms and loving hearts. Ones that stretchs all the way around the world and back. Yes, beautiful is it not, but somehow somewhere in between the space continuum and the places we chose to breathe in-and-out there is this monster called, madness.

Madness exists between the dark and the light. A boundary of deluge that holds us captivated from self until the one day that we decide to stop and look around at everything. Thinking, what would it be like if I try to bridge this distance? What if all the things I am thinking are keeping me trapped behind the looking glass of me?

Thoughts and legs softly pumping back-and-forth perched on our internal swing-set of sad with hands grasped tight to the chains of stuck. Until by chance, fully encompassed in the inertia of our unique beauty and inherently good intentions we jump. Flying through the light chasing a blown kiss from creator that we finally saw, so we leapt to life. At once awakened and reveling in our exquisite rapture of light and dark! Yes, this sparkly beast of thing called, balance. Oh yes, balance is our turnkey.

Internal Narcissus believes that we have to be balanced in love and fear to be. To find our key. Neither giving love or fear more attention. Instead just the perfect amount of homage to both, Yin and Yang. Causing our authentic self to bubble forth with a life altering elixir of Love-ness. Yes, I said love-ness (smiling). We must have fun with our words to snap us around to remember that although this work is hard, it is fun, and a treat to learn how to be in real time ~ soul free.

This love-ness manifests once we believe in our truth and accept that we only exist in the now, that we are in real time. That we do not have to accept any thought (mind yourself here) any negative or positive. That we do not have to accept others opinions of us as truths, and that we can decline our own thoughts as well.

Learning to speak our truth by clearing all of the untruths that are no longer needed, or truths assumed that were never ours to begin with. Disarming our arsenal of weapons acquired through time to protect us by blocking our connection to self and others. Brilliantly, we have the power to deprogram our fear and its qualifying language, too.

Instantly realizing that to be impeccable with our word means having NONE. No thoughts, no thinking, just being. This truth means honoring all beauty, all life, not just ours or whom we choose to have in our life, for a moment or moments, but to honor all life as our own always. To love another as ourselves. To allow others to change their mind. To do unto others as we would do unto ourselves. All facilitated by learning to love and accept ourselves, for who we came to be.

On this Masters Path of Enlightenment that I have hand walked myself to over these last 3+ years, all works have led here. I love here, and love the fruition of mind, body, and NOW. Yet, I was catapulted into a shift that has brought me to today and next steps have been given after an intense last week of deep meditation and listening further. So, I must leave where I comfortably landed in mind and body, called, Arkansas to connect to soul and Mother Earth in Mexico. I am away, for a spirit-led masters class in chakra and crystal healing.

Details on this will come later, but what this means is that I will follow all signs given: upon deep meditation, visualization, intuition, books, and spiritual work. 200 hundred consecutive days of yoga will be done, too. I believe this is to solidify the last three years work since my first 90 day transformation and to balance my charkas before leaving this ending year of 2016.

Finally making what I know into a practice. Then following next steps given as I always do. One step at a time, growing slow, so as to not miss a thing. Stay with me on my journey ~ yours too, for we are all one.

Love and Light, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus IN Flight


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