May 22, 2016


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Oh my goodness….I have had so many break throughs centered around: acceptance of self, self worth, and self love. It has me ever curious to find my next steps in freeing self, yet again from mind. This is a commitment to a journey mired in layers of unpracticality, and the beauty of practice. A quest-path of complete determination with self administered dedication to be free of mind, so to live in real time.

It will catch you by your heart when you need it too, and it will tickle your feet with reminders that once you fall down ~ it is only, so you can get back up more sure of next moves. Ushering in waves of commitment made and the promise given to evolve. My name is Kellie J ~ and I am 100 % spirit led. I follow all signs and intuitions which have never left me stranded too long in the middle of not knowing. Angels and ancient memories whispering to continue forward in the almost giving up minutes, so to keep focused on what is monument, and not the insignificant thinking about things that are not happening, or cannot happen, and happen to keep us circling.

This is why we must stay in our now to know our truth-north. Sometimes this means sitting with self for days, and other times longer while knowing that the pressing harder on our thoughts will reap just rewards. Beating though negative energies with a knowing to never accept first answers that come, or try to trick us down the wrong road to alleviate the pain in our spiritual growth.

I implore you to stay your path all the way through the dark and the light times, for it will grant access to the keys of the kingdom, again, and again. Each time in just enough internal medicine, for to bring what is needed in ascension to next level awareness in real time. Of course only when you are ready (never before). This is a baby steps kind of thing, and why Patience is as paramount as the belief that there is water in the molecules of life that we cannot see.

I am very centered right now. I feel very confidant while working hard and awaiting next steps in the progress of this thing I AM called to do in my life. I thank God, whom I love so much, my inner/outer guides, and supporters. Fastidiously stuck in the my truth that there are no words to express the love I have, for my amulet of family and close friends who have garnered and granted me their undying love and support, who get me, and know what I must do to follow this masters path of enlightenment.

My wish for all tonight is to love life, for it will love you back. I cannot express enough that this is a practice, it is patience, and it is working through all fear, pride, and ego. It is learning to not have to be right all the time, and most importantly that you do not have to accept any negative thoughts towards yourself or others (ever) that keep you from the beauty of all and especially your own. Please learn to shine bright in who you came to be.

Eternally, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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